Illegal Crossers on Terrorist List Are Growing Exponentially


Compared to 16 on the terrorist watch list coming across the border in 2021, we have 140 so far this year. The numbers are growing exponentially. These are the ones we caught. It only took 19 to launch 9/11.

So far, in fiscal 2023, 140 people on the terror list have been apprehended between ports of entry, already crushing last year’s record of 98.

As if we didn’t know, our enemies are piling in, and they are not here to make life better for themselves or anyone.

The fact that the number is growing significantly indicates that our enemies are taking advantage. They can then strike us from within. Thank the Globalist Democrats.

We can expect terror cells and people who want to influence our culture and politics negatively. That’s simply common sense. Of course, they are doing that.

Do you think all these fighting-age men are here to make life better? This shouldn’t be partisan.

Mark Morgan, the former acting commissioner of the Customs Border Protection agency, spoke with John Solomon of Just the News. “We literally could have the next terrorist sleeper cell in the United States planning a terrorist attack, and we would have no idea,” Morgan said.

We know the countries these illegal crossers come from are often our enemies. Using common sense tells us this is a very serious national security threat.

Lawmakers are concerned enough to write letters.

“These ‘known gotaways’ do not provide biometric or biographic information to USBP agents and continue their journey into the interior of the country without background checks against law enforcement databases,” Reps. Jim Jordan, James Comer, and Mark Green wrote in a recent letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“Terrorists and other bad actors will attempt to exploit weaknesses in border security and vetting procedures to infiltrate the United States. We fear these known gotaways could also include illegal aliens with terrorist ties,” they also wrote.

Yeah, that’ll work – a letter he can put in the circular file. Impeach!

Let’s not forget that cartels are terrorists. Some have been trained by jihadists.



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