Illegal Crossers Plant Venezuelan Flag on Texas Island


Enormous numbers of unvetted, anonymous people are entering the United States illegally. The UN is now getting involved in allegedly screening them. It’s an invasion. One group of Venezuelans planted a Venezuelan flag on a Texas island. They believed they invaded and conquered.

As the crisis continues, the Mexican and American governments and the United Nations are considering setting up a temporary pre-screening program for about 40,000 “asylum seekers” from Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba in southern Mexico, where there are no mobile US consulates to do this.

This week alone, 100,000 passed into Eagle Pass, Texas. They are not asylum seekers. They’re illegal aliens.

UN migration and refugee agencies would review the migrants’ asylum eligibility before they get to a mobile US consulate, according to Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena, reports Daily Mail online.

In the clip below, a Venezuelan criminal is posting a Venezuelan flag on a Texas island. If this foreign criminal was so upset at his living conditions in Venezuela, he probably wouldn’t be trying to claim a Texas island for Venezuela.

Americans can’t decide who comes into their country thanks to the Biden regime, but the dictators club, the UN, can decide. They do not have our best interests at heart. The UN has never been our friend.

It is estimated that 100,000 illegal crossers have poured into Eagle Pass, Texas,  in one week. All Democrats will say is we have to have comprehensive immigration reform, which means amnesty and citizenship for these unvetted people. What they should be doing is closing the border.

At the same time the Biden regime is allowing millions to pour into this country to live off of us, the middle class is being destroyed.

As Rob Schmitt said this evening, the middle class “is gutted on the economy, on government spending, on crime, on education, on immigration. We are being gutted in every single possible way on immigration – 11,000 illegals crossing into Texas in just 24 hours is our new reality. That is probably a record, all being dumped into American cities so you can continue paying for them.

“So, of course, they just print more money, meaning that your paycheck is worth less and less and less. Of Americans earning over 150,000, a third are living paycheck to paycheck…

“… 40% of middle-income groups are more dependent on credit cards…

“…every kind of debt is maxed out from the federal budget down to your mortgage and your credit card, gas prices skyrocketing to appease the climate psychos, your kids’ education gutted to appease the teacher’s unions…”




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