Injunction Stops Biden Admin from Censoring Online Content


A Federal Judge in Missouri v. Biden granted a preliminary injunction prohibiting the FBI, DOJ, DHS, and other agencies from working with Big Tech to censor social media. It’s a big win for the First Amendment on Independence Day.

The entire government censored Americans. They censored highly respected doctors during the pandemic, and no one is allowed to question the election or the war that has us on the brink of nuclear devastation.

Social media was our only town hall since the legacy media have become hacks, activists for the Democrat Party. Add to that the fact that the Democrat Party has moved from liberalism to hardcore leftism.

Federal Judge Terry Doughty issued a broad injunction against the Biden administration from censoring online content in a 155-page ruling issued Tuesday.

Officials affected by this ruling include Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Jen Easterly, who heads the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and dozens of other Department of Justice and FBI employees.

The White House said they will see what they can do about it. They have a lot of gall.


“Email chains between high-ranking White House officials and social media platforms specifically targeting certain individuals such as Robert Kennedy Jr, Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, and others — directly targeting them and asking those social media platforms to take their content down,” disclosed Louisiana Attorney General JeffLandry.

“We also saw from the FBI evidence which showed that they knew the Hunter Biden laptop to be factual and yet didn’t tell the social media platforms that as well. So there are a number of things that as we uncovered information in the discovery process of this case that was shocking to us.”


Robert F Kennedy Jr said accurately, “There has never been a time in history when the people who were censoring free speech, and books, and burning books were good guys.”

“So, I’m very alarmed with what the European nations are doing “right now,” he said, “because it is completely anti-democratic; and now you’re gonna have the country censoring dissent about government policies, which is not a function of democracy. That is … clearly a characteristic of totalitarian regimes.

“There’s never been a time in history when the people who were censoring free speech and books and burning books were good guys. They’re always the bad guys, and if you give the government the power to do that, that power will be 100% of cases; that power is going to be abused.

“And I think you know there’s all these excuses to do it now because things are being blamed on this, you know, the tsunami of misinformation out there. But the remedy for bad information is not censorship. It’s more information as you said…”



  1. Joe Biden actually wants to stop free speech to hide the fact he’s a flaming racist, anti-busing advocate, segregationist, and longtime KKK associate. Since this fact about him has been proven, he wants to shut it down so that he can keep lying to the races.

  2. The censorship is a powerful tool of the coup. There will be no change due to this. There is no method for enforcement of the court ruling, though the supreme court will likely agree with the ruling. Government has agencies as weapons, such as the irs, to use against media outlets which do not cooperate.

    The success of the coup is traceable to the doj, An example here is the decision by that national betrayer Sessions to not prosecute the rock solid cases against people such as Lois Lerner. Sessions gave no explanation. The GOP did not question that decision, though the irs was acting against conservatives.

    At that time (and now), the corrupt RINOs regarded Trump as an unwelcome guest, and not a real conservative. The decision by the Trump doj to not act against major crimes by the irs should have been regarded by the GOP as damaging to the party and conservatives. The GOP, hating Trump, should have gone after him over this. The GOP inaction shows again that the GOP is not conservative and is part of the corrupt operation.

  3. Their ARE actually really stupid people that crave the crap they are being fed…and enjoying it…and regurgitate the asinine phraseology of their puppeteers…”Russian misinformation”…even concerning subpoenaed information obtained by Judicial Watch, etc.,They belong to the “intellectual” leftist liberal progressives…


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