Invasion at the Borders: “We’re Getting the Penitentiary Crowd”


Michael Yon, who is at the Darien Gap reporting on the wild numbers of anonymous people pouring into the country, appeared on Emerald Robinson’s show. Yon said we are getting obvious gangsters – we’re getting the penitentiary crowd now. He told Robinson what he sees every day, and it’s terrifying. It proves your representatives hate you.

Why aren’t Republicans impeaching the guilty parties?

Alarming numbers are pouring through Panama, mostly single military-age men. Every day is a caravan – 4,000 in a day is normal, and they see 50 or 60 luxury buses on another day, says Yon. And this is the slow season!

People die there every day, but the vast majority get through. Chinese are coming through this route. He watched the Chinese chop off a chicken’s head and drink the blood.

Right now, it’s Venezuelans pouring through, but it changes weekly. We have had Haitians, Cubans, etc. We are getting the penitentiary crowd – gangsters – and people from slums who won’t get jobs. Many aren’t literate in their own language.

Most coming through don’t speak English.

We have no idea how many are coming in from the southern border, on the beaches of Florida, from Canada, or those who fly into the country.

Yon added that everyone should prepare for tuberculosis. It’s coming in every day.

Texas reports it’s now a majority-minority state. For some reason, Democrats want single military-age men of color here. We can only imagine that Democrats and their enablers in the GOP hate whites, Christians, and Republicans. They also want uneducated people who don’t speak English.

Republicans won’t make a move on this invasion aimed at destroying the country. They could impeach these people and start screaming until someone listens.

Many come in on a freight train known as The Beast or La Bestia, and Biden could get it shut down immediately. It ferries thousands into the country non-stop.

Todd Bensman of CIS, writing for The Daily Mail:

“‘The Beast” or “Death Train” earned its morbid moniker from the grotesque accidents that occur when migrants, riding unsecured on wagon rooftops, fall victim to steel wheels or ruthless criminals.

“International human rights activists and U.S. administrations demanded a decade ago that Mexico police its cargo trains and cut the human flow reaching the border.

“And Mexico complied during the Obama administration in 2014. But now, the Beast is back,” Bensman says. “And no one cares.”



  1. By definition, the corrupt GOP “leaders” are complicit in the invasion and destruction of America. None of them are redeemable.


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