Iran reporter mocks US: “10 Iranians” released…Iran received $6B”


An Iranian journalist mocked the Americans and summarized the prisoner exchange deal: Ten Iranians were released from captivity today. Iran received 6 billion dollars.

He was mocking the fact that five American prisoners who were released were of Iranian origin.

President Biden is incentivizing foreign powers to detain innocent Americans for ransom. They know they will eventually get a payday. He doesn’t even make good deals. He released five convicted Iranian agents, and they released five Iranian Americans. They also received over $6 billion from their oil revenue frozen under US sanctions.

U.S. officials say the money will be monitored to ensure Iran uses it for humanitarian needs such as food, agricultural products, and medicine, which are not subject to U.S. sanctions.

If the past is prologue, that won’t happen.

President Ebrahim Raisi said they will spend the $6 billion as they please.
Sen. Josh Hawley said on X that the Biden administration is desperate for a deal.

“…the Biden administration is absolutely desperate to appease Iran. I mean, that’s the only thing we can conclude, Harris. I mean, we should get clear on this. A lot of the same people who are running the Biden foreign policy also ran Obama’s foreign policy, and they want a deal with Iran. They’re willing to do just about anything. And here we have them giving away prisoners, giving him $6 billion. I mean, come on.

“I just think it’s is a desperation to appease this nation to get back into some kind of a nuclear agreement with them just like the Obama administration did. I think it’s religion to them, Harris. I think that the Obama team thought that their terrible deal with Iran was the best thing ever. Joe Biden desperately wants to resurrect it… they’re willing to do everything they can to try to entice Iran, and if that means giving them $6 billion, if that means giving them prisoners, they’re here for it. Meanwhile, it’s making us less safe it’s making the region less stable; it’s a bad deal.

Last week, Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) accused Biden of paying a ransom, saying the agreement is a “craven act of appeasement.”
Cotton said the ayatollahs plan to spend the money as they see fit.

“Iran’s president said the ayatollahs will spend Joe Biden’s $6 billion ransom payment as they see fit—this means funding terrorist attacks against Americans and our allies. This was a craven act of appeasement and total failure of leadership from the Biden administration,” he posted on X.

Hostage-taking is one of Iran’s most lucrative industries,” David Harsanyi posted on X.

Donald Trump posted his response on Truth Social yesterday. In another post, he called Biden, “dumb as a rock.”

After seeing what has happened to our beautiful USA in such a short period of time, including Afghanistan, Self Imposed Inflation, Energy Independence, the Horrors of the Open Border, NO VOTER I.D., & now, 6 Billion Dollars for 5 Hostages from Iran, I ASK, WHY HASN’T THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BEGUN THE PROCESS OF INVOKING THE 25th AMENDMENT AGAINST THE WORST & MOST INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, CROOKED JOE BIDEN? With these facts, they would have done it to us long ago!



  1. Yes we were saying yesterday hey look, that all these ‘Hostages” with Farsi surnames are in fact Iranians who have citizenship from the US. They had been accused of snooping around as spies.


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