James O’Keefe’s Terrifying Interview with a Border Agent


This expose by James O’Keefe is deeply troubling and frightening. Everyone should make an effort to listen to the Border Agent. He starts speaking at about 38 minutes. My summary hardly does it justice. There is no more important story right now than this.

This more than-hour-long video by James O’Keefe is very revealing and very troubling. It begins with O’Keefe’s effort to follow an illegal alien bus as the bus weaves, swerves, and does everything imaginable to avoid him and finally tries to back up into him.

O”Keefe then talks to a Border Agent whose voice is disguised. The agent didn’t know how to use the apparatus yet, and much of the conversation was muffled, but midway, the problem was fixed, and he could be heard clearly.

However, what he said was that everything the government is doing is under cover of darkness and secret places, and it’s far bigger than anything Americans know. Border agents are not allowed to say anything, and he is “petrified” because he knows what the government is capable of doing.

He said the most troubling thing for him, and it’s more than troubling – it’s evil – is the trafficking of women and children. The agent further added that every agent knows what’s going on. As soon as these little girls are out of their control, they disappear, and you can’t find them after that. He said that’s not just wrong, that’s evil. “This is satanic, what’s going on.”

[From what James O’Keefe and this agent are saying, it’s clear that this is a global effort with a great deal of money and a great deal of organization. James O’Keefe hasn’t even heard of some of these so-called NGOs, but many are tied to other nations. The danger we face is the danger within, but we now have evil forces outside this country also heavily involved.]

This border agent said he’s acting as a whistleblower because he knows there won’t be a nation in a few years, and his children won’t have a country to grow up in. He wants other border agents to come forward. They’re worried about paying their mortgages, but there won’t be a mortgage to pay down the road. He said that the best way to convince them to come forward is to remind them of their oath to protect this nation and this constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Imagine the money behind this. It’s coming from evil people in the country and worldwide.

The agent said they are coming through the “Northern Border just as much.” The people coming “have hatred in their eyes. People don’t understand what’s going on…if they have a call to action” to attack this country, “I guarantee they will rise up.”

“They want to portray this as women and families – most buses are filled with single, adult men – all military age.

He has seen it, and “the government is doing it in secret and hiding it.”

The people coming in don’t say anything; they just say to hurry up and process them. They think it is their right to get as much food and shelter as they want. “They don’t say please. They say give me this; it is my right.”

The agent was brought to tears and quoted scripture, as did O’Keefe at one point.

There are about ten contractors every 15 hours in his area. The companies are the same companies providing food, transportation, everything, and “it’s a large money grab.”

We can’t hold the line, “there is no more line.”

Another whistleblower who comes on later in the tape said children have said, “I’m being pimped out by my sponsor. HHS has lost 85,000 children…” The government knows and is aiding and abetting this horror.

There is a lot of money involved.

Other whistleblowers ask questions and comment after the agent speaks.

By the way, here’s a new American.



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