Jason Aldean’s Video Edited to Remove Black Lives Matter Images


The music video for Jason Aldean’s number one song, “Try That in a Small Town,” was edited to remove images of Black Lives Matter’s (BLM) riotous demonstrations due to the critics claiming it contained coded threats against black people.

If it’s white people, that’s okay.

The video is six seconds shorter than it was on July 14. The news clip from Fox 5 Atlanta depicts violent confrontations during the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020 and others in January.

BLM was seen on an exterior wall of a Tennessee county courthouse where a black teenager was lynched in the 1920s. The other was a backdrop as James Aldean sang.

Aldean’s record label, BBR Music Group, said in a statement that “the video footage was edited due to third-party copyright clearance issues.”

The song became number one on Billboard’s charts and iTunes.

Black Lives Matter was promoted and heavily funded by George Soros. It’s not a grassroots organization. It is a Marxist, anti-American group that invited gang kids to join, and they did and do. The organization has squandered money and is never held to account. You won’t see them in poor black areas helping people. Their goal is to blow up the country politically and socially.

The video still contains most of the same images. It’s just that BLM is a fraud perpetrated on black people by an old white guy. It’s a Black Panthers style operation.



  1. You mean they can’t replace it with other BLM video of looting and burning. Somebody is bowing to pressure and it looks cowardly.

    • Not necessarily so! Copyright laws and releases from people depicted can be a minefield. It is not cowardly to leave a fight in a sure lose situation.


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