Jen Psaki’s Back and Speaking Stupidly About Muslims


Psaki’s back.

Leftists like Jen Psaki don’t believe people of color are capable of forming dissenting views on their own.  She claims the only reason Muslim Americans object to trans ideology in schools is because white conservatives are manipulating them into it.

She says it’s the old GOP playbook.

Psaki is saying the GOP holds sway over Muslims and Muslims loved trans ideology until the GOP got their hooks into them? Wow, who woulda guessed that.

We’ve already been told that people of color can’t get IDs or get into a good college without Democrat racist policies. Now we find out that people of color wouldn’t be against the crazy train of trans ideology even though their religion specifically rejects it.

As long a people of color do as they’re told and chant the narrative, the left loves them. That love quickly fades if they don’t obey.

Jen Psaki lies and thinks we’re all stupid.



  1. She must have missed the part where Muslims throw queers off of rooftops while giving them free flying lessons.


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