Jill Visits a Disgusting Pride Parade


Jill Biden visited the perverted Pride Parade in Minneapolis because she is promoting it. Jill said they – the Bidens – would bring “decency” back to the White House. Is that what you would call it? Click the links below to see what I mean, but be forewarned, they are gross. All the young children observing this are having their lives ruined.

Jill said she’s “healing” the nation and “America is back.”

Maybe Jill doesn’t know what decency means.


I can’t post the most disgusting ones because the person posting them will probably sue me if I do. However, I’m linking to them.

First, go HERE, HERE, HERE WITH THE PUP PERVERTS, or go to Minneapolis Pride Parade on Twitter.

Second, look at this screenshot of a twerker. He was allegedly showing body positivity as he twerked at the parade in front of young children.

Twerking in front of young children. Parents actually take their children to this.

These people are disgusting. They are exposing children to this, and we are all supposed to be okay with this – the sexualization of children with perverted acts.

Furthermore, they’re normalizing obscenity. Where are the religious leaders?

Pride isn’t about being gay. It’s about sex and indoctrinating children.

The White House is lauding it. Jill allegedly showed up at it, smiling away. Some people online said she didn’t go to the parade, but rather a staged depiction. It wouldn’t be surprising if that is true.

How can we get rid of this horror?



  1. What is it about Democrats and, not just sex, but the most depraved and deviant sex imaginable? And it’s been going on for decades. I remember when Tipper Gore was supposedly fighting porn while her the Clinton/Gore team was accepting money from Larry Flynt. But I don’t think even this pervert was pushing his perversion on children.

  2. That pervert was probably tea bagging Jill.on every block. Jill is looking more and more like Alice Cooper in a blonde wig.


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