Joe Biden Behaves Stupidly at the UN


Biden continues to make fools of us internationally, but he is the candidate Democrat leaders want in charge.

Biden was supposed to be accompanied by the Brazilian President and came out on stage alone. Biden had a close call with a flag, almost knocking it over.

Bibi with senescent Joe

On Wednesday, Biden and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva introduced a new initiative to promote workers’ rights. Before a side meeting during the United Nations General Assembly, Biden and Lula stressed the significance of quality jobs, salaries, and green energy.

As the event began, Biden walked onto the stage without the Brazilian president by his side.

Biden weirdly saluted the audience as he left the stage.

After spending three years of his presidency insulting Bibi Netanyahu, Joe Biden met with the Israeli Prime Minister on Wednesday.

No questions were asked during the joint presser, but Biden did insult the press who lick his boots daily.

Biden promised to pursue hard questions about Israel’s judicial reform. Netanyahu is trying to reform the Supreme Court in Israel because the judges have no rule of law to abide by and do what they want. He’s trying to have them go by certain basic principles.

Forcing the rule of law irks Joe Biden.

In the clip below, Biden made the sign of the cross in front of Netanyahu, which is insensitive and unnecessary given the history.

It’s also ridiculous since he has to be one of the worst famous Christians in the country.



  1. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is a full blown communist, backed by China, and whose election was extremely questionable given the popularity of the previous president, Jair Bolsonaro, whom da Silva accused of election fraud, raided his home, arrested his aides and courts said he could not run for office again until 2030. Sound familiar?

  2. Those are 2 communists illegally elected.

    Both are trying to jail their main opponent.

    “Green energy” (which does not exist) destroys jobs and quality of life.


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