Joe Biden Champions the New American Values


Replacing the US flag with the Pride flag at a recent White House Pride event was just what it looked like. Biden and his cohorts replaced American values with the values of LGBTQIA2SSPP+ Pride. If we go to war, we’ll fight for the Pride flag, a genderless society promoting the destruction of the traditional family. It’s the end of Judeo-Christian values that gave us the United States. The elites have decided, and this is how it will be.

Biden and his Obama and Soros advisors have made their intent clear.

All these people pouring into our country are coming to the Hellhole they left. Since they are unvetted, we can only guess how many are bringing the hellhole values with them. Biden has made extraordinary efforts to invite LGBTQIA…. people into the country as asylum seekers and refugees, granting them easy access. They are the new heroes.


We are the United States of Pride. When Biden spoke at the Pride event where some of the “influencers” went topless, shaking their breasts with their hands, Biden said, “I see more courage on this lawn than any time I’ve seen in the recent past.”

Biden claims LGBTQIA2SS+ Pride are “the bravest and most inspiring people” he’s ever met.

“You’re some of the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known. And I’ve known a lot of good folks,” Biden said. “You set an example for the nation — and, quite frankly, for the world.”

“You know, we all move forward when we move together with your joy, with your pride lighting the way,” the president continued. “So today, let us proudly remember who we are — the United States of America.”

When he runs out of hyperbole, he tells one of his gay lies, such as they’re being attacked and thrown out of restaurants. That’s not happening. People aren’t attacking them. There are individual episodes because of the life some of them lead.

He spoke to the Naval Academy graduates on May 27th. Not once did he call them the bravest. He told lies about himself, spread some Russia hate, and told them to be loyal in a most uninspiring way.

He didn’t mention that we are now the United States of sex changes and drag queens. We are the secularists, and we must obey the new ideological ruler of Pride, or we could be canceled. Biden even told us we must defeat the laws preventing mutilation surgeries of children.

At the Pride Month event at the White House on Saturday, he said he’d work to counter the “callous and cynical” bills targeting transgender children recently passed in many GOP-led states. 

“Today, I want to send a message to the entire community — especially to transgender children: You are loved. You are heard. You’re understood. And you belong.” 

He told them to mutilate their bodies, and they are loved for it. Girls can be boys, and boys can be girls or anything they want.

They’ve even taken away the rainbow and all its meaning. There’s no pot of gold and we can no longer hear Judy Garland singing. They’ve even taken the word pride from us and changed its meaning.

We no longer live in a country where people can do what they want. We must follow the religion of PRIDE and preach it, or we will be punished. It’s not enough to accept people; we must adopt their hedonism. And if you remove the Pride merchandise, we might blow up your stores.

The new hedonism makes sexual pleasure the new god. It’s perfect for destroying the family, all moral and spiritual values, and capitalism. The elites make the decisions now, and this is what they want for us.

The country doesn’t value live and let live any longer. We are no longer free. In California, they are passing a law that will take a child away from a parent who does not let their child transition. The child gets to decide, not the parent.  How long before this value spreads since so many values spread from that state?

Even our literature has changed. Shakespeare is gone, and Founding Fathers bite the dust. However, Biden’s new Anti-Book Ban Csar plans to make certain gay porn remains in school libraries. Gender Queer will be in your child’s library. Children will be raised on these books. The Bible will continue to be banned, as will the Torah and the Koran, and all religions too.


This is our new Bible, the book of Gender Queer.

Jill Biden said Joe would bring “decency” back to America. Joe explained what that is during the Pride event. He said, “Today, the people’s house – your house – sends a clear message to the country and to the world. America is a nation of Pride. He replaced the US flag with the sex and gender flag. That’s who we are now. It began with Obama lighting up the White House as a Pride rainbow, and here were are, in the middle of a revolution most people don’t know is taking place.

In case you didn’t get the message, this is where the US flag stands in relation to the Pride flag:

This is the new “decency.” Sure, he banned the topless influencer and called the performance “disrespectful.” No disrespect, but that’s who these people are, and he knows it. He only did it after the backlash. The line in the sand for Joe is too much backlash. That’s it.



  1. I have family with children who all go to public school on Long Island. They’re not celebrating FLAG DAY this year. But these schools throughout the country have no problem with celebrating that other bunch of degenerates. .Students Revolt Against “Pride” Month Spirit Day at Massachusetts School; Glare at Teachers, Tear Down Signs, Wear Red, White and Blue, Chant “U.S.A. Are My Pronouns!” | The Gateway Pundit | by Kristinn Taylor | 30

    • Thanks for the article. Everyone should read it. Note the administration encouraged ‘anonymous’ reporting of the guilty patriots, and typical CCP tactic, unlike the American way of being able to face one’s accusers.

  2. It’s the “International Rules Based Order”, and we are fighting for it all across the globe. These are the Maidan supporters of Ukraine.


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