Joe Biden’s Influence-Peddling Scheme Was Tied to 23 Countries


The House Ways and Means Committee released documents that were provided by IRS whistleblowers. They tied Biden’s family’s influence-peddling scheme to 23 countries and four continents last week.

Chairman Smith said, “The evidence today shows the complexity and scale of the Biden Family influence peddling scheme. Millions of dollars were flowing through subsidiaries and LLCs to avoid taxes and shield visibility into how the money from foreign sources, including countries like Ukraine, Russia, and China, went to different entities and Biden family members.”

Click here for the list of countries.

The House Ways and Means Committee released more than 700 pages worth of evidence, some of which are smoking-gun-level revelations. The document dump includes a letter signed by Hunter Biden pressuring Ukraine’s chief prosecutor to end his investigations into the corrupt energy firm Burisma. Hunter was on the board of Burisma.

Hunter’s business associates enjoyed dinners at the White House and flights on Air Force 2.

The only product or brand Hunter and the Biden family had was Joe Biden’s position.

The media is covering it up or minimizing it.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge reviewed those documents and found references to “The Big Guy,” who was Joe Biden. She posted a clip to X.

She walked viewers through exhibits 202 and 203. “Exhibit 2O2 is an e-mail from August of 2020. It was sent by prosecutor Leslie Wolfe to senior FBI and IRS investigators who are drafting a search warrant. Wolf tells him to keep the scope narrow and limited to potential violations of foreign lobbying laws or FARA and to remove references to political figure one. So, who is political figure one? Well, that’s explained in exhibit 2O3. It’s heavily redacted, but this is the draft warrant, and it lists political figure one as former vice president Joe Biden.”


The first time the public heard that Joe Biden was probably “The Big Guy” was from the report of Hunter’s laptop.

Former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski confirmed that Joe Biden was The Big Guy who was getting 10% of the take from influence peddling.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, brother Frank Biden would take calls in meetings from ‘the Big Guy,’ as he put it. During a weekly call, Frank Biden, 69 years old, frequently interrupted the meeting and said he had to take a call from “the Big Guy,” as he put it.

The then-vice president’s brother would say: “I’ve got to put you on hold; the Big Guy is calling me,” recalled Matthew Brady, then working at Federal Signal. “I thought, ‘OK, great, your brother is the vice president.’ ”

Joe’s youngest brother, Francis Biden, sometimes interrupted meetings by saying he had to take a call from “the Big Guy.”.



  1. It’s a massive criminal conspiracy, and easily identified. Rudy had it identified in 2019. He was ignored by the GOP. Barr is at the center of the coverup, because he was handed all the information.

    The Clintons hid their criminal operation using a foundation, giving it a clean appearance. But the Bidens simply transferred funds directly to themselves and to shell corporations created by themselves, like raw criminals.


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