John Podesta Uses the Maui Fires to Push Climate Change


No one knows what caused the Maui fires. What we do know is the alarm system was never triggered, and Maui has a lot of flammable non-native grasses that they’ve been warned about. We also know there is a potential firebug on the loose.

Yet John Podesta, the Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation, had the gall to take to the White House briefing room podium on Wednesday to blame climate change for the Maui wildfire. He also boasted of the Inflation Reduction Act.

He invented a tale of a summer with “one climate disaster after another.” He doesn’t need to give us any evidence. Podesta merely has to say it, and people somehow believe him.

Podesta connected hot temperatures to the fires in Maui without any evidence.

Podesta then claimed: “To stop these disasters from getting even worse, we have to cut the carbon pollution that is driving the climate crisis, and that’s what the Inflation Reduction Act is all about.” President Joe Biden recently admitted to donors that the “Inflation Reduction Act” was misnamed and that it was really about subsidizing and funding “climate change” spending.

Never let a good crisis go to waste – the Democrat motto.

Asked later in the briefing about prominent failures of “green” companies, Podesta ascribed that to the natural failure rate of any investment.

Podesta is a radical leftist in league with people like the Clintons and Soros family.



  1. ….Podesta’s “global warming” rot will be broadcast far and wide by the MSM and the bovine majority will swallow it as always.

  2. “John Podesta Uses the Maui Fires to Push Climate Change” No duh. That’s the whole reason the fires were set (by climate activists) to begin with!


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