Court Tells Jordan Peterson The College Can Force His Re-Education


Dr. Jordan Peterson was hit with the latest court decision about whether he can avoid the Canadian re-education camp. The answer was astounding.

The college can force his re-education at the risk of his license because of his political opinions. The court decision was worse than he had imagined. The courts pursued complaints from people in other parts of the world falsely claiming to be his clients.

He has freedom of speech, but because of his career, he doesn’t have free speech in areas such as political opinion. Canadians have no idea how professionals can’t say what they think or are forced by law to lie cowardly.

“As you know, the court that we appealed, the College of Psychologists, decided that the college is within the college’s purview to stop me from having any political opinions.

“As far as I can tell, the decision starts out by making a case for the fundamental reality of freedom of speech for Canadians in Canada.

“Apparently, the college has the right to decide that I can be re-educated forcibly with the risk of my license essentially because I’ve made political statements that the members of the college don’t agree with.

“And those opinions involve two criticisms of Justin Trudeau, one criticism of his chief of staff, one criticism of an Ottawa city Councilor and then my objection on Joe Rogan  to the climate apocalyptic fear-mongering that idiot tyrants are foisting on the general population.”

That allegedly makes him a “disgrace to the profession;” they can force him to re-educate with social media experts. If he doesn’t cooperate, they can take his license away.





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