Joy Reid Had High Grades & SATS, Claims She’s Only Affirmative Action


MSNBC host JoyAnn Reid claimed, “I got into Harvard only because of Affirmative Action. I went to a school no one had ever heard of … I didn’t go to Exeter or Andover … That’s how I got there, that’s how … Justice Jackson got there. It’s how Clarence Thomas got there.”

She also said that she had high SATs and great grades, so why did she need affirmative action? Reid had the grades and SATs so she didn’t get in ONLY because of affirmative action.

Harvard went looking for her and recruited her. Reid earned her way into the school, so how is she affirmative action?



  1. Yeah I am sure her SAT scores were a mere 400 less than any Asian and 300 less than any white, but she scored high, for a black.

  2. Joy Ann Reid may have been brilliant on her SAT and other testing and got very good grades in school, which to most says she is really, really smart, but…
    My University of Michigan academic advisor, a full professor well into his 50’s, told me that sound reasoning (including common sense, which he said was uncommon) together with discernment and wisdom with a strong moral base were the things that set aside those who had the most to offer other people.
    I sense that Joy Ann Reid lacks those qualities.

    • Strangely intelligent educated people can believe the most absurd leftist lies…and refuse to look at the facts if they come from a source that is not part of the MSM or is right leaning .

      I personally know intelligent educated people, one is a lawyer, one is an actuary, one is biologist, one is a mathematician, one is an engineer, another one has a doctorate in ethnology, and all of them are convinced totally and completely that if something is said on the Main Stream Media it is the pure truth and that only a fool would doubt or need to verify what the MSM say.

      They reject any facts that anyone tries to show them, unless it comes from leftist politicians or from the MSM.

      They are intelligent but behave in a stupid way by choice.

      They choose to ignore facts, they choose to not use their intelligence.

      It is a very strange behavior.


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