Judge Chutkan Was Given Trump’s DC Case: “Trump Is Doomed”


Jack Smith is known as a legal hitman who has lost several high-profile cases at the Supreme Court. He managed to get the President of Kosovo imprisoned with no case, and he remains in prison now after three years.

His wife Katy Chevigny is the filmmaker for Becoming, the Michelle Obama flick. Of all the people Attorney General Merrick Garland could choose from, he chose this man. Now we find out the judge who will oversee his case in Democrat D.C. was appointed by Barack Obama and has a bad history with J6.


According to the court docket, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan will oversee the four-count federal case against former President Donald Trump.

She has been handing out stiff sentences for non-violent January 6 defendants and has previously ruled against Trump’s lawyers. She denied his request to assert Executive Privilege.

A four-count indictment of Donald Trump was announced this afternoon. The charges are Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, Conspiracy to Defraud the United States, Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, and Conspiracy Against Rights. There are six co-conspirators.


At one hearing, Chutkan called January 6 protesters insurrectionists.

I want to interject here that even Jefferson Davis was not imprisoned for insurrection or anything. He lived to age 81 and died from an illness. This case appears to be set up to win at the expense of past precedent and the right to a jury of his peers, among other problems.

Speaking at a sentencing hearing for a nonviolent rioter who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of illegally demonstrating in the Capitol, Chutkan said that the rioter “did not go to the United States Capitol out of any love for our country … He went for one man.”

During the same hearing, she described the January 6 episode as “a violent mob seeking to overthrow the lawfully elected government,” adding that the crowd that day posed a “very real danger … to our democracy.”

Chutkan also said that rioters “soiled and defaced the halls of the Capitol and showed their contempt for the rule of law.”

“The country is watching to see what the consequences are for something that has not ever happened in the country before,” she said.

Chutkan sentenced two cousins with extensive criminal records to 45 days in jail for storming the Capitol, a rare and perplexing punishment among convicted January 6 rioters. She blasted the men for their “decision to take that protest and turn it into a violent occupation of the US Capitol … at a time when we were attempting the peaceful transfer of power.”

Julie Kelly has more information about this judge coming out soon.



  1. This case is destined for the Supreme Court. Lets hope there’s just enough integrity left there.
    I’ve seen, first hand the corruption and absence of Constitutionally based judgments in the Federal District court system.

  2. “They” whoever “they” are giving this highly political hatchet jo of a case to as many hanging judges as they could find. Tell me what justice means in America today if a man hated by all r most of those in power gets a fair hearing?
    Just maybe that is not the point. The thing is allowing the accusations to fester and manifest in the realm of public opinion.
    Ultimately the plan is to sway Independant / Libertarians and soft Republicans to begin to believe this tripe.

  3. Somebody answer us if every attorney AG and Judge in the Dept of Justice currently hate Trump passionately, as well as all media and a large part of the public? Where can Mr. Trump secure succor of a balanced fair trial with all the malicious tribulations meted along the lines of law??
    Or shall it remain thusly so a bleak deserted dark wasteland where there is none.

  4. It really got started hotly with Obummer. Placing judges of color who are definitively racist are the problem. We must find a mechanism to remove these types.

  5. Looks like “the people” may have to take things into their own hands in order to rid our government of these crooks. Stay locked and loaded.

  6. This is right out of Nazi Germany in the thirties and that is what they are trying to do to Trump. The democrat party is dead it has been replaced with communists and that is what it should be called the communists party of the US and they are doing everything right out of the communist play book with quite a lot of Nazi moves and if they get by with what they are trying to do to Trump the country as we have known it will cease to exist.

  7. The USA is over, because, all existing mechanisms to save it are corrupted.

    A key event was the incredible betrayal by Sessions in 2017, as he turned over his DOJ to the plotters. Another key event was the clearing of McCabe and Comey on rock solid criminal charges, in mid 2019, by Barr. Both of those events were shocking, but the fake conservatives and patriots at places like Faux News were deceptively calm.

    The third event was the election coup in 2020. Barr oversaw that operation, by definition, by allowing it.

  8. This bitch better do the right thing or NEVER leave DC and her head better be on a swivel! Americans are tired of this!

  9. Just wondering what % of LEO, state military (National Guard) and military will jump ship to save their Republic — just a thought a buddy and I had.

  10. He needs to ignore the demons MAKE them open fire so we can get this party started. Communism needs to go to the ovens….

        • Follow the cases. It’s very seldom they side against the government. Just like they didn’t want to get involved in election cases, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are reluctant to enter the “political” arena. Everyone knows conservatives aren’t going to burn the city down to the ground, as some have done, so most all the courts aren’t concerned with any backlash.

        • A person should realize the social circles people associate with. Ever since Bush v. Gore SCOTUS has been reluctant to enter into the political arena. The uproar over that case was immense and it resulted in SCOTUS pulling back. As in the baker’s case; many people assumed it was a “win” for the baker. That decision wasn’t a direct win, but instead ruled it as basically a procedure case, which allowed it to be litigated again.


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