Judge Chutkan’s Bizarre Comments During the Trial Date Hearing


Journalist Julie Kelly downloaded the transcript of Obama-appointed Judge Tanya Chutkan’s outrageous statements in court on August 28. We have that here for you to read.

“The fact that [Trump is] running a political campaign has to yield to the orderly administration of justice,” Chutkan said during the August 11 hearing. “If that means he can’t say exactly what he wants to say about witnesses in this case, that’s how it has to be.” 

Chutkan scolded Trump’s attorneys for not preparing for his case a year before the indictment was handed down and downplayed 12 million pages of discovery produced by the DOJ.

The attorneys wanted more time to go over the documents and certainly couldn’t have prepared before they knew this case existed.

The trial date of March 4, the day before Super Tuesday, is probably meant to interfere with the May documents case. Mr. Trump will also be arraigned on September 6 in the Georgia case. He has two civil cases brought by Letitia James in October and January and a civil suit by the fake rape victim in January. The Soros NY DA Bragg doesn’t have a date yet, nor does Fani Willis in Georgia.

Judge Chutkan wanted the trial date set for March 4 to prevent the defendant from committing any further crimes!

Chutkan, who comes from a family of prominent, influential Marxist Jamaicans, claimed that “if it involved a professional athlete, it would be inappropriate for her to schedule a trial date to accommodate her schedule. The same is true here.”

Chutkan said, among other things, that “the public has an interest in the fair and timely administration of justice…as well as reducing the defendant’s opportunity to commit crimes.” She said she’s keeping an “extended pre-trial delay from impairing the deterrent effort – deterrent effect of punishment.”

Judge Chutkan’s treating the former president like a dangerous thug! She is and wants to humiliate and demean him.

She said the “delay may prejudice the prosecution in the public interest.” She said, “delay is not an uncommon defense tactic.”

“As the time between the commission of the crime and the trial lengthens, witnesses may become unavailable, or their memories may fade,” she continued.

As far as the 12 million documents, the prosecution threw at lawyers and the fact that the prosecution has been preparing this for quite a long time, she said, a supreme court case determined that none of that is relevant “to the question of whether a competent lawyer could prepare to defend the case.”

Donald Trump’s lawyers stated that there were 11.5 million pages of discovery. They said they would be forced to review nearly 100,000 pages per day by that proposed date. Chutkan dismissed that concern, saying they should’ve seen it, they should’ve known about it, and some of it was duplicative.

It’s best if you read it yourself and make your own determinatiosn. My personal feeling is that she’s completely compromised, and the decision is already in. They plan to imprison, Donald Trump, but what do I know?

Chutkan Transcript August 28 by Julie Kelly



  1. Another NAZI Communist kangaroo court! It’s common in dictatorships! Now in USA! Innocent till proven guilty is a fairy tale now!


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