Judge Engoron Deprives Donald Trump of His 1st Amendment


Trump’s New York Judge, Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing the Manhattan fraud case, issued a gag order on Tuesday after President Donald J. Trump shared a post on Truth Social pointing out an important fact using his 1st Amendment right.

Donald Trump brought attention to Engoron’s law clerk Allison Greenfield’s links with New York Senator Chuck Schumer and the wider Manhattan Democrats.

The order prohibits all parties from publicly speaking, posting, or emailing any information about the judge’s staff.

Democrats pretend they’re in danger over anything they can call an “attack.” That is the excuse for censoring. You may not like this tweet, but it’s well within his 1st Amendment right.

It is important to know that radical Manhattan Democrats endorsed Greenfield and that she is tight with a senator who hates Donald Trump.

The trolls on X claim that the Truth post is an “attack” with “false personal information.” The information was neither an attack nor false except for his sarcasm in calling Greenfield Chuck’s girlfriend. None of that matters to people with power who think they have the right to silence political opponents.

Engoron demanded the post come down and threatened Donald Trump with 30 days in jail. The Judge has entirely too much power.



  1. If ever a miracle happens, and democrats fail at rigging the 2024 election and Trump becomes President, I wish, hope and pray he fires every crooked, corrupt , evil insane democrat such as that judge or people such as Letitia James or Fani Willis…

    or if not fire them, finds a way to put them trough what they are putting him trough; Arrests, mug shots,dozens of counts, many indictments, trial after trial, costly, lenghty, painful trials

    People such as Pelosi who participated in organizing the entrapment of Trump supporters and who refused to provide police help…people such as Garland who lied about too many things to list and treated regular people as domestic terrorists, Chris Wray for protecting the Biden crime family and so on and so forth

    Some of them should be in prison.

    And the Jan6ers should all be out of prison.

    But odds are 99.9% Dems will steal the 2024 election…


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