Judge Moves to Put Boys in Girl’s School Bathrooms


A federal judge says a transgender student can use the bathroom of the gender she [it’s a he] was not assigned to at birth. 

According to CBS58, Clinton-appointed U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman slapped a restraining order on a Wisconsin School District on Thursday. The District will not be allowed to enforce a policy that keeps boys from using the girl’s bathroom.

The suit alleges the district is violating Title 9, which prohibits sex discrimination in education.

Adelman granted a temporary restraining order against Mukwonago Area School District, blocking the district from implementing a policy adopted last month that requires students to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex rather than gender identity.

Mukwonago School District

The decision is in response to a lawsuit by a mother and her anonymous 11-year-old son, who identifies as a girl, which alleged that the policy was causing “emotional and mental” harm to the student.

“It’s been terrible. You have an 11-year-old child who’s just trying to go to the bathroom,” said the child’s mom.

“I think one of the big parts is — that I’m hearing a lot, is people are saying it’s that she ‘wants to use.’ It’s not necessarily a want; it’s a right,” said the child’s mom.

“When I told my daughter about it, she was jumping up and down in the car. Like, she was so excited because she goes, ‘now I don’t have to be nervous anymore,'” said the child’s mom.

[What about the rights of the girls who have to use a bathroom with a biological boy? Oh, right, they no longer have rights. Have girls expressed how they feel? Basically, they are trying to say transgender girls are girls.]

“We hoped we might be able to resolve it amicably with the school district and reached out to them to try to do that, but unfortunately, it became clear that that wasn’t going to happen. They were still going to prevent her from using the girls’ restroom at summer school,” said Alexa Milton, attorney at Relman Colfax Law.

Biden’s Title IX protects fake females.

Meanwhile, it is more popular than ever for youth to adopt new gender identities. An estimated 300,000 minors aged 13 to 17 identified as transgender as of last year, reports Daily Wire.



  1. “…. which alleged that the policy was causing “emotional and mental” harm to the student.”
    What is causing emotional and mental harm to this 11 years old boy is his mother encouraging his unnatural behavior.

  2. Everyone needs to start calling judges or whoever supports it; Perverts! I wholeheartedly believe this judge, and everyone going along with it, actually wish they themselves could peek in the girls restroom. These people used to be called “dirty old men”.

  3. Best solution to that is to have the girls gang up on the faux female and knee him in the groin to send a message to Biden and the judge their attitudes are nuts. Sometimes school bullying is ok. This would be one such example. Take a lesson from the Biden DOJ and have a ball!

  4. The minute that little fruitcake walks into the girls bathroom, they should pick him upside down, shove his head into the toilet and give him a swirly. That should solve the problem.

  5. GD activist judges on the left… Since when is Title 9 “discrimination based on sex” a matter of private toilet use? Let’s call it what it is – toilet use – not “bathrooms.” We have to put a stop to this leftist insanity.


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