Just How Bad Was Racism at Harvard – Very


As the Sentinel reported, schools can no longer discriminate against students based on race. When affirmative action was first enacted, it was meant to emphasize searches for qualified minority candidates for college admission. There were no ratios.

It morphed into radical racist exclusion and policies so extreme and outrageous that white and Asian students couldn’t achieve high enough scores for admission.


Black students within the 40th percentile of their academic index were more likely to gain admission than an Asian student who ranked in the top hundredth percentile.

Black students who fall within the 50th percentile have greater chances of acceptance than white students at the pinnacle of their academic performance.

This is radical racism.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Here is what Barack and Michelle Obama said. Keep in mind that Barack went to Harvard, and Michelle attended Princeton.

Tim Scott responded:

“Well, the good news is we’re going to have another African-American president,” Tim Scott said. “His name will be Tim Scott. And this is January 2025.

“Here’s what I would say to America today: That I am excited about who we are as a nation. I’m excited about the progress that we’ve seen in the rearview Mirror.”



  1. AA grew rapidly from 1980 until about 2000, by then it was rampant and destructive. It is still rampant. When the big tech downsizings came after the millennium, AA dominated the downsizing, making it worse. And yes, corporations use H1B employees from India and some other countries in furtherance of diversity. I estimate that about 30% of people in the tech corporations are diversity hires who do not merit being there.

  2. The point in enrolling the unqualified is undoubtedly so that the universities have classrooms full of useful idiots, eager to be indoctrinated into becoming the puppets of the creepy elitists, whose mission it is to tear down the Untied States. The creepy elitists must, at all costs, keep the diligent, hard-working students the heck OUT.

    Alas, there are, unfortunately, mobs of white useful idiots, so … not sure this SCOTUS decision is really going to solve much.

  3. Like the Tim Scott thought of putting “progress” in the rearview mirror, as something that was disgusting and we are glad to be rid of it.
    He has a hard road ahead of him, though, to try nd prove he is not a RINO.


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