Justice Reform Creates Rampant Theft and Food Deserts


I remember when Michelle Obama complained about food deserts; well, now we have a lot more of them. Washington, D.C., is one area that sets the conditions for them. People shoplift freely since laws are not upheld because of the lawless justice reform favored by Democrats. It’s causing food store closures.

There are only four grocery stores east of Anacostia in Washington, DC. Now one might close because of shoplifting. Giant supermarket loses $500,000 or 20% of sales to thieves monthly. They spend $300,000 more on security. They try to reduce shoplifting by closing early. None of it has worked. The problem is anarchist Justice Reform. There are few or no repercussions for shoplifting, and gangs and individual thieves freely operate in stores.

This is happening in most blue cities, but it’s particularly shocking in our nation’s capital.


Some major grocery stores will not be able to keep their doors open due to shoplifting, said D.C. Councilman Trayon White at a news conference on Friday. It’s a popular store.

Democrats only care about “criminal justice reform,” and that means letting criminals run amok, stealing without enforcement of the laws. For some reason known only to themselves, Democrats are pleased with the lawlessness and rampant crime, including the burgeoning “food deserts.”


It’s one of only four major grocery store locations east of the Anacostia River. And if this store closes its doors, White warned the impacts would be devastating and create a food desert for some D.C. residents, ABC 7 reports.


Since then, 7News asked Mayor Muriel Bowser and MPD what they are doing to help with the shoplifting issues at grocery stores.

“Mayor Bowser continues to lead conversations with a variety of stakeholders across our city to discuss public safety, and more specifically to ask the question of how we can partner to reduce crime and increase conditions so that everyone in our city can thrive,” the mayor’s office told 7News in a statement. “The District is committed to ensuring every resident has safe access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.”

But it’s unclear what precise actions are being taken by the city to ensure grocery stores in Ward 8 will stay in business.

[They could enforce the law.]



  1. As long as the goods are there, they will find the few stores to get free things from. DC is run by criminals. Every one of those people are given money to live on. So, this theft is not an act of “conscience” like Peter may rant.

  2. For a Democrat the solution to a hole at the bottom of the ship is to make more holes.

    As they are drilling the holes at the bottom of the ship they will tell you with a straight face that more holes are needed to stop the water from coming in.

    That is exactly how they are tackling the crime epidemic in their cities; everything they do makes it worse but they tell you with a straight face they are doing all they can to make it better.

    • That’s such a great analysis of the left. I hope people aren’t buying what the left is selling. A person can’t possibly vote democrat in today’s political environment.


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