Justin Trudeau Probably Met with the Old Nazi He Applauded


We have an update on the Canadian debacle that led to the House of Commons honoring a former Waffen SS named Yaroslav Hunka (born Gunko). He was applauded and received two standing ovations.

Justin Trudeau was among those who applauded him. Apparently, he did more than that. He likely met with him privately. At least that’s what his daughter-in-law Theresa said. It is astounding because Justin Trudeau blamed the Speaker of the House and Russian disinformation.

Russians talking about it doesn’t make it Russian disinformation. The only disinformation is Justin Trudeau passing the buck. He’s either very stupid, and his staff are as well, or he’s sympathetic to these Nazis. I don’t think he’s stupid. What do you think?

I hope Jewish people don’t accept his so-far disgraceful apology until they have a full account of how this went down, one that is truthful.

Hunka even contributed to a book about the division and the Waffen SS.

Via Wikipedia

In Canada, Hunka remained active in Waffen SS veterans circles and maintained a blog on the Internet where, in the early 2010s, he compared veterans of SS Galizien to Jews,[6] arguing that both groups were spread in worldwide diasporas from their homeland and could only return after several years of exile.[10] 


The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies condemned SS Galizien as “responsible for the mass murder of innocent civilians with a level of brutality and malice that is unimaginable,”[12] referencing events such as the 1944 Huta Pieniacka massacre of Polish civilians.[4]


Canada’s House Speaker Apologizes for Honoring Former Nazi SS

Canada’s House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota has apologized for honoring a Ukrainian man who served in Adolf Hitler’s Waffen SS forces in World War II and calling him “a Ukrainian and a Canadian hero.”

The 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, née Jaroslav Gunko, a former member of the SS 1st Galician Division, was given a standing ovation in the chamber during the visit of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Friday. Jewish groups heavily criticized the incident.

“On Friday, September 22, in my remarks following the address of the President of Ukraine, I recognized an individual in the gallery,” Rota said in a statement on Sunday. “I have subsequently become aware of more information which causes me to regret my decision to do so.”

The AP reported that Vladimir Zelensky clenched his fist, and Justin Trudeau applauded Yaroslav Hunka, who was in attendance and fought with the First Ukrainian Division in World War II before later immigrating to Canada.”

What the US news agency described as “the First Ukrainian Division” was in fact the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division.

Without mentioning Hunka by name, Rota reiterated that the Ukrainian man was one of his constituents. “I particularly want to extend my deepest apologies to Jewish communities in Canada and around the world. I accept full responsibility for my actions,” he said.

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center advocacy group said it was “incredibly disturbing to see Canada’s Parliament rise to applaud an individual who was a member of a unit in the Waffen-SS, a Nazi military branch responsible for the murder of Jews and others and that was declared a criminal organization during the Nuremberg Trials.” The Center added that there “should be no confusion” that the unit where Hunka had served was responsible for killing civilians “with a level of brutality and malice that is unimaginable.”



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  1. They are liberals, what did you expect ?

    They thought honk honk was a NAZI call, but when a real NAZI is right there in the same room, they cannot even see it.

    The average liberal has a defective mind.

  2. The apology is not accepted. Ukraine also has a significant Nazi element.

    I see this woman Yaara Saks, a citizen of Israel, cheering a former Nazi member, and she still praises the Ukrainian Nazis.

    These people are not principled or intelligent enough to understand the story.

    In WW2 the Nazis were seen as liberators by the Ukrainians, due to the famine in the 30s. They were justified in feeling that way. Stalin had seized their crops and farms, leaving millions of them to starve.

    • The Holodomor wasn’t unique to Ukraine. That famine occurred in many other regions as well. The ineptitude of the Soviet Union was to blame for all the famines, but that doesn’t mean it was directed at Ukraine alone.

  3. …become aware of more information…

    What! He just learned that Russia fought with us against the Nazis. What would one expect. Canada has been training the Azov battalion. Considering how the entire West is legitimizing Ukrainian Nazis we have to assume many have sympathies for the Third Reich.


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