Kamala Says She’s Ready to Take Over as President If Biden Fails


Vice President Kamala Harris replaced Joe Biden at the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was interviewed by Associated Press reporter Chris Megerian and CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan. They wanted to know her opinion about Joe Biden’s advanced age, and if she was ready to take over as president.


Megerian asked Harris, “Questions about the president’s age often go hand in hand with questions about how you would step in the role if necessary. Do you feel prepared for that possibility? Has serving as vice president prepared you for that job?”

The New York Post reported the 58-year-old Vice President said she was. She added, “First of all, let’s — I’m answering your hypothetical, but Joe Biden is going to be fine. So that is not going to come to fruition.”

Sure, we all believe that Joe’s fine. The media polls indicate most Americans don’t think he’s fine.

Harris further offered comfort to Megerian, “But let us also understand that every vice president — every vice president — understands that when they take the oath, that they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job of being president. I am no different.”

She also spoke with Brennan, continuing the nonsense that Joe Biden is fine. Brennan mentioned Biden’s age and the polls showing people don’t want Biden to run again.

Harris said she is prepared “to serve” as president “if necessary.”

“Let me tell you something. I work with Joe Biden every day, and the work that, under Joe Biden’s leadership, our leadership has accomplished is transformative.”

It is transformative. We’re becoming socialists, perhaps worse, but it’s not their leadership. It’s the government by panels.


Kamala can’t even give a speech that is prepared for her. At the end of June, she entered the record books as the most unpopular vice president in US poll history. She’s not likeable.

The poll showed 49 percent of registered voters have a negative view of the 58-year-old compared to 32 percent in the positive.

Overall Harris received a net negative rating of -17. That is the lowest net negative rating for a vice president in the history of the poll when up against the last four vice presidents during their tenures, with Mike Pence -4 in Oct. 2019, Joe Biden +1 in Dec. 2010, Dick Cheney +23 in May 2003, and Al Gore +15 in March 1995.

Even though Americans don’t want her in the office, it’s possible they will try to force her on us. Personally, I think they have someone else in mind like Michelle Obama, but we’ll see. They really can’t run Joe Biden. He’s going down quickly.

Gavin Newsom, another terrible far-left candidate, won’t run if Kamala Harris is going to run for president.



  1. Oh dear. Nobody wants her, except maybe the countries that want to keep taking advantage of our laughing stock position, and willingness of the Beltway Boobs to fork over our taxpayer dollars to them.

  2. Stories about Getting Kamala or Joe to step down are funny. Some make it sound as if this will be done easily. Those two are determined to keep power. The idea that this opportunistic woman who is a step from the top will bow out is ridiculous.


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