Kari Lake Gets a Court Date for Access to Ballot Affidavit Envelopes


“We are scheduled for a 2-day trial set for September 21 & 25th,” Mrs. Lake wrote on X. “I will never stop fighting for Honest & Transparent Elections.”

You can read the decision on this Just the News link.

Earlier this year, a superior court judge ruled not to dismiss Lake’s request for access to ballot affidavit envelopes.

Superior Court Judge John R. Hannah Jr. wrote on Aug. 24 that a two-day trial will start on Sept. 21 at 9 a.m., with exhibits that will be submitted during the trial due by Sept. 14.


Mrs. Lake told John Solomon of Just the News that she has a lot of court cases going because “What I’m trying to do is get some justice for these terrible, terribly run and frankly corrupt elections in Maricopa County here in Arizona. And so we got some good news.

“The judge is giving us a two-day trial. This is a separate case… this is not my main election case, and I can go down all of the cases we have… this is a separate case.

“We’ve had to sue to get public records. This is something – you shouldn’t have to sue to get – but we’ve had to sue, and Maricopa County is dragging their feet.

“They run so-called transparent elections, but they don’t want to be transparent and give us the evidence we need. So the judge is granting us a chance to go to trial and get those envelopes that people send back their ballots in because we know that the signatures don’t match on a huge number of them.

“And how do we know this? Well, a nonprofit got a hold of the 2020 affidavit envelopes and they testified before the Arizona Senate in January they said that when they compared them, a good 17% of these signatures did not match those would be invalid ballots that should not be counted.

“We predict even more this time around in 22 are possibly invalid. So we’re really looking forward to the day in court. I believe it’ll be easier for a judge to rule on this than maybe the judges we’ve had in our election case because we’re not asking this judge to overturn an election. We’re asking him to simply give us the evidence that we have a right to, and so we’ll find out.”




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