Katie Phang Earns a Clown Face


Katie Phang’s show on MSNBC had gone up for a while, but the numbers are now well on their way down. It would probably help her ratings if she was interesting and a little more honest.

She said on her show that Tucker’s ratings aren’t that good since he left Fox. She is correct when she says the numbers aren’t as good, but there is really no way to compare.

He posted a short introductory clip yesterday about his interview with the Serbian President about Ukraine, and it has over 7 million views. His interviews have gone over 100 million.

It’s not a network and it’s a far lower budget. The numbers are very good.

MSNBC gets our vote for Clown Network. They don’t give facts, just activism with a lot of omissions.

Here are her ratings:

You can’t really compare views on Twitter with views on networks but keep in mind that he’s producing clips for only 3 to 18 minutes. We don’t know what his costs are, but they aren’t what a show on Fox or MSNBC costs.


Also, Tucker has the youth, and she doesn’t. She’s right in saying the numbers aren’t as good, but for short clips on Twitter where only 2% of the population posts, they’re very good, and they keep interest in him alive.

Phang should worry about her own abysmal ratings, although it appears MSNBC and CNN don’t care about ratings. They are on an ideological mission to control the masses.

The Views are much higher



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