Ken Paxton Responds to Impeachment Inquiry by the Uniparty of Texas


The Texas House will vote tomorrow at 1 pm on impeaching the very popular America First Attorney General Ken Paxton. This is a politically-driven probe. The charges are decades-old. The Left and their RINO allies don’t like effective Republicans.

The House’s General Investigating Committee of Democrats, which launched an investigation in March that yielded 20 articles of impeachment against Paxton, said Friday that Paxton could not be trusted in his role as attorney general. The committee encouraged House members to vote to impeach him.

“Because of Paxton’s long-standing pattern of abuse of office and public trust, disregard and dereliction of duty, and obstruction of justice and abuse of judicial process, it is imperative that the House proceed with impeachment so that Paxton is prevented from using the significant powers granted to the attorney general to further obstruct and delay justice, not just by avoiding accountability for his wrongdoings, but by undermining the integrity of our state government,” the committee said in a memo.

House Speaker Dade Phelan is going after Paxton. Just last week, Phelan was drunk while presiding over the Texas House.

Republicans are letting Democrat “investigators” try to take down AG Paxton.

Democrats always stick together. Turncoat Republicans like to eat their own. This can’t be what the constituents want.

The Attorney General responded in a press conference today. If the clip doesn’t work, go to this link at The Gateway Pundit.

Ken Paxton will be on Greg Kelly’s show this evening.



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