Key J6 Police Witness Looks Like a Perjurer in New Footage


The Epoch Times has obtained video that appears to show Officer Aquilino Gonell not helping revive Rosanne Boyland and not sustaining serious and “life-threatening injuries” despite his January 6 testimony. He was a key witness and testified under oath in a federal court that he had “life-threatening injuries” due to the January 6 riots.

He is still out on disability, and it’s hard to believe the authorities don’t know this is fraud if the video is accurate.

In May, Gonell told the judge that he was “bleeding from both hands, a maimed foot, hit on the head, sprayed with pepper and bear spray, beaten, punched, pushed, pulled, and assaulted by many other rioters as they try to gain entrance.”

“This is how I’m going to die,” Gonell told the January 6 panel.

He also claimed that he tried to save the life of Rosanne Boyland.

Reporter Julie Kelly has pointed out that the recently released footage puts the lie to Gonell’s claims. “Here he is for several minutes near the body of Rosanne Boyland at around 4:50 on Jan 6, after the protest and violence ended. His hands show no sign of injury. Nor does his shoulder, as he takes off gear,” Kelly wrote while pointing to the footage.

“His feet seem fine–he is seen kicking items out of the area. And his head, which had been protected by a riot helmet, shows no sign of injury, either,” Kelly said.

“Not only did Gonell lie to Congress and federal judges in “victim impact” statements, he has repeatedly lied during media interviews and on social media.

He claims his foot was “crushed” during the riot and had two surgeries. The authorities have to be in on this. He’s been out of work, and they usually would be on top of this.

If you go to Julie Kelly’s substack, you can watch a video that shows how the police escalated the riot/rally. You can also watch the footage here.

Julie Kelly writes:

It is clear that police, on numerous occasions, did not follow proper protocol on January 6. The use of physical force and nonlethal munitions on protesters assembled outside who posed no threat of violence provoked many clashes on January 6. Not only was the aggressive behavior of D.C. and Capitol police inside the Rotunda unwarranted—completely catching people by surprise—but the building had been evacuated at 2:20 p.m. The individuals inside the Rotunda did not pose a threat to lawmakers or staff; officers should have guided people outside to clear the premises and allow Congress to restart proceedings.

It is unclear whether D.C. police officials conducted any use-of-force investigations related to the events of January 6.




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