KJP Attacks Gov. Abbott for “Sowing Chaos” by Securing Rio Grande


The Biden administration formally filed a lawsuit in federal court in Texas Monday against Gov. Abbott for securing the border. The Department of Justice had sent a warning letter demanding that the barriers come down by Monday. Gov. Abbott responded, “Texas will see you in court, Mr. President.” Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, KJP, weighed in, claiming Gov. Abbott is “sowing chaos.”

As Gov. Abbott said, the administration left him no choice.

The administration has to watch because Texas is The Republic of Texas. They have different rules.

Gov. Abbott put an orange buoy barrier along the dangerous Rio Grande.

A cartel member threw a one-year-old girl in the Rio Grande just a week ago. People die in that river frequently. It’s inhumane inviting people in illegally. Drugs and sex traffickers are exploiting the border.

The buoys angered the Mexican government. The Biden administration and immigration activists complained the move to defend Texas’ sovereignty was “illegal and inhumane.”

Gov. Abbott said the barriers are to “discourage people from attempting to cross the treacherous river.” U.S. Border Patrol has encountered almost two million illegal migrants this year, and there is no sign of the invasion slowing down. The two million doesn’t count the people who sneak in or the people who get “parole” in one of Joe’s several programs. At least 500,000 have come in that way so far.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) was asked about the Biden border crisis. She blamed Governor Abbott for the “chaos.”

KJP accused the Texas Governor of “sowing chaos” by taking steps to secure the state’s borders absent action by the Biden administration.

How she can lie like that is mind-boggling. KJP, the historic press secretary, said Gov. Abbott is pulling a “stunt” by trying to secure his border. His state is so overrun it’s now a majority-minority. He has millions of illegal crossers, whereas whiney Mayor Adams of New York complains about tens of thousands.



  1. When the USG refuses to enforces the Constitution and the laws of this nation it is up to the states to take action. Fuck Brandon and the toilet brush.

  2. 2,000,000 crossed the border this year, that we know of. Let that sink in!! All of the politicians in DC are complicit. They are replacing the US demographic for their own power and money.


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