Kohl’s, Target, Bud Light Need to Choose ESG or Customers – Fast


Bud Light has become the poster child for what not to do to sell beer. Don’t push ESG, transgender Ideology, and the anti-woman movement down people’s throats. During Memorial Day, Bud Light lost its number one spot as America’s top-selling beer.

Their downfall began when trans influencer and fake woman Dylan Mulvaney spent a year pretending to be a girl with frequent praise from Kamala Harris.

People had enough.

Modelo Especial has passed them by as number one.  Coors Light and Miller Light sales rose by 25.8% and 21.4%, respectively. Moscow Mule is becoming popular again.

Bud Light sales are down 24.4%, and the fall has not bottomed out.

“This situation has impacted our people and especially our frontline workers: The delivery drivers; sales representatives; our wholesalers; Bud owners; and servers,” AB InBev CEO Michel Doukeris said on a recent earnings call.

It is sad for them.

Some beer distributors believe the boycott could be permanent.

A survey by investment firm Jefferies Group found that 65% of beer distributors expect the Bud Light boycott to continue for six more months, and another 32% think it could be permanent, according to Brewbound, a beer industry publication.

A separate distributor survey by Goldman Sachs showed most respondents do not believe Bud Light will make a “full recovery” in its “brand equity and market share,” Brewbound reported. Goldman’s survey was taken with 57 distributors who serve 200,000 retail outlets.

Some distributors say it could take three to five years to turn it around, if at all.

Anheuser Busch CEO Whitworth addressed customers in a new statement:

 “We recognize that over the last two months, the discussion surrounding our company and Bud Light has moved away from beer, and this has impacted our consumers, our business partners, and our employees.”

“We are a beer company, and beer is for everyone,” he continued.

Whitworth announced “three important actions” to move the company forward, including “investing to protect the jobs of our frontline employees” and “providing financial assistance to our independent wholesalers to help them support their employees.”

“Third, to all our valued consumers, we hear you. Our summer advertising launches next week, and you can look forward to Bud Light reinforcing what you’ve always loved about our brand – that it’s easy to drink and easy to enjoy,” Whitworth also said.

He hears us. That’s the language of the Left.

He assured customers that they are going to be good for everyone from now on. Yeah, that’ll work.


Anheuser-Busch, Target and Kohls lost a collective $28.7 billion in market value since the beginning of April amid backlash over Pride campaigns and the Dylan Mulvaney partnership, Daily Mail online reports.

Kohl’s and Target faced a backlash after unveiling their Pride collections in May.

Target lost over $4 billion in market value in just under three weeks after it began selling its Pride collection, which included offering a ‘tuck friendly’ female swimwear line for transgender women.

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary said the ‘unprecedented’ decline shows the company’s failure to prioritize its investors over appeasing modern woke standards, including listening to diversity officers instead of business savvy executives. 

“On one hand, companies want to show their support of diversity in all the mandates that society is discussing openly,” he told Fox News

“On the other hand, the job of a business – particularly from the perspective of an investor, and those that are retired, for example, that own the S&P 500 or own Target stock – are concerned that maybe they’re losing their way in terms of what the prime objective is: your customers, your employees, and your shareholders.”

The job of business is business, not social engineering or obliterating womanhood.



  1. Fact is that both Kohl’s and Target (and others) are George Soros associates which were being kept afloat with his money. Another fact is that Kohl’s and Target peddle cheap garbage China-manufactured merchandise and food which multitudes of consumers have become hep to and refuse to spend money at. Small mom-and-pop stores, flea markets, farmers markets, boutiques, hand crafted, and local entities are seeing an increase in business due to the deserved downfall of big box stores.

  2. Added to this list must be Home Depot, they not only support the LGBTQ agenda, they are hiring illegals off the books, ABC NY even reported on it!

  3. They already chose, and that decision was not a marketing error.

    Modelo should also be boycotted, the parent company is AB. Buying Mexican beer is like buying Canadian tequila, so is stupid outright.

    • Exactly. It’s like cheating on a spouse. The cheater can “mea culpa” all he or she wants, but it does not undo the fact that they cheated … with full knowledge … and on purpose. They can parade around afterward, claiming that marital faithfulness is of the utmost importance to them (as Bud Light did afterward, waving the flag in their commercials, etc), but it’s so obviously merely self-serving.


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