LA Dodgers Will Still Proudly Honor The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


According to a Fox News report, one religious advocacy group says that the Los Angeles Dodgers are not open to discussing their re-invitation of an anti-Catholic drag queen group. The hate group, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, exists to mock Catholic nuns and religion, despite their claims to the contrary.

The Hate Group Will Be Honored

They’re a hate group that supports the indoctrination of children and contempt for the Catholic religion or any religion with nuns.

The nasty nuns weren’t just invited to the game on Pride night. They are to be honored as Community Heroes.

They’re not a hate group mocking Catholic nuns? I had to put pasties on one of them.
Here’s an idea. Why don’t ball teams just stay out of politics?

Catholic Vote is one of the country’s largest lay Catholic advocacy organizations. They said they spoke to Dodgers’ administration this week about the team’s partnership with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The so-called sisters are a drag queen collective.

“We [sent] them a letter last week asking for a phone call or a meeting, in part because they had announced that they were listening to all sides,” said CatholicVote President Brian Burch. “And to our knowledge, they had not spoken with or reached out in any way to a Catholic leader, religious or lay like ourselves.”

“So we did receive an email in response to our letter, and that turned into a phone call that I had yesterday with a top-level Dodgers executive,” Burch continued. “He said that it’s been very hectic there, that he’s been extremely busy, and that he had little time to talk with me but wanted to reach out in response to the letter.”

They will not reconsider!

“I said, ‘well, if there’s still a chance that you might reconsider your decision, please let me know, and we will withhold the ad campaign that we are planning to launch this week,'” Burch said. “[The Dodgers executive] said [he] cannot do that. I asked when we would be able to talk next, and he said in the next couple of weeks — maybe even after Pride night. And so that seems to me to be a signal that they are obstinate in their decision to go forward to celebrate an anti-Catholic hate group.”

CatholicVote is launching a $1 million ad campaign against them.

People are making a mistake if they think this is only an insult to Catholic nuns.

These fake nuns are guardians at The Folsom Street Fair. The San Francisco Fair is a wild, perverted sexual fair that encourages attendance by children. They have attractive goodies for the little ones.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence claim they are sisters and aren’t mocking nuns, but, of course, they are.

Accepting the lies of the far left is foolish.

One person stood up to them, and the cancel culture on Twitter is busy trying to get him fired.

As for Pride month, why are we spending a month honoring unfettered sex? It’s not about anything else.

Here’s another normal person.

Here are the indoctrinators.




  1. It is up to Americans to react. i doubt Americans are capable of stopping this. They do not have the intelligence, principles or attention span. Americans have allowed one institution after another to fail with no consequences. Look at the NFL, it turned far left, and the fans are still there.

  2. Remember:

    • Mocking Muslims is a hate crime. Mocking Christians and Jews is OK.
    • Burning the perv flag is a “hate” crime, burning the Stars & Stripes is OK.
    • PG17 movie ratings must be obeyed, but teaching 6 yr. olds about masturbation and oral/anal sex is OK.
    • Concerned parents are “terrorists”, but rioting, burning, vandalizing, looting, shoplifting and street thugery are OK.

    So let’s “celebrate” sex involving feces for a month.

  3. The dodgers can go to Hell. But they already know that. What I cannot for my life figure out, is why any business caters to the 2% at the risk of losing the 98%?

  4. Dodgers have proven they’ve learned absolutely nothing from Budweiser and Target crashing and burning. Kinda like the next set of socialist “masterminds” who think they’ll finally be the ones to make socialism work. Dumb asses all.


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