Latest GOP Primary Polls And A National Poll


According to the Wall Street Journal’s polling, Trump held a 24-point lead over DeSantis back in April, 48% to 24%. But now it’s a 46-point advantage for Trump, 59% to 13% (though the rest of the GOP field has changed during this time).

CNN’s polling, which had Trump ahead of DeSantis by 21 points nationally back in June, 47% to 26%. But Trump’s lead has now ballooned to 34 points, 52% to 18%.

But Fox’s latest national poll — back in mid-August — had DeSantis at 16% (versus 53% for Trump).

Those polls lean partisan left, but they give a general idea as to how it’s going.

The Latest National Polls Have Donald Trump Losing to Deranged Joe Biden.

The problem is Democrats are going to put Donald Trump in prison.



  1. It’s a landslide. The RINOs are now implementing plan 2, to remove Trump from primary ballots. It is done mostly covertly, with dems overtly involved. If that plan fails, then they will be implementing plan 3, stealing the 2024 election through election crimes. There may be a plan 2A, to try stealing it at the convention, as Ryan & Senator Lee tried in 2016.

  2. These polls tell me the fix is in and Biden will win the election. I saw a story on Citizen Free Press saying the election will come down to 7 counties. The swing states. Areas where cheating will happen. The republican primary is meaningless. The Supreme Court will not allow Trump to go to prison. If Biden wins, the country is finished. Probably already is finished but there is a glimmer of hope.


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