Lawsuits Could Bankrupt Election Officials Over Election 2020


Lawsuits and criminal charges are piling up for election officials who tried to preserve data from Election 2020 or who acted as alternate electors based on legal advice.

When Democrats want to silence their opponents, one of their methods is to bankrupt people with lawsuits. They usually find leftist activist judges. That is the case of increasing numbers of lawsuits to be filed against Republican county election clerks across the country for actions in the 2020 election.

Some could end up imprisoned.


It includes actions that some clerks contend were only attempts to preserve election data. The goal was to prevent or expose fraud, Just the News reports.

That includes the 16 Republicans Dana Nessel charged. They will not be allowed to administer elections.

They acted on constitutional legal advice.

Tina Peters, a former county clerk and recorder for Colorado’s Mesa County, is being charged with seven felonies and three misdemeanors. Her crime is allegedly allowing a hard drive on election equipment to be copied.

Peters has pleaded not guilty. She said she was trying to preserve election documentation. Peters wanted to do it before the software was to be changed on ballot-marking machines.

She, too, can’t oversee elections.

In Michigan’s Adams Township, another clerk, Stephanie Scott, was recalled. She was trying to preserve voting machine data.

This will chill the 1st Amendment rights of election officials. You may not disagree.



  1. The people suing should be counter sued. Their names and addresses published. What’s good for the the goose.

  2. Think about it, it appears the bad guys are always winning. That leaves very few alternatives and can get very risky for the bad guys.


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