Lee Zeldin Obliterates Claim of “No Evidence” of Biden Corruption


Former New York US Representative and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was on Sid & Friends today in an interview that covered a lot of ground but focused on the claim or “no evidence” of Joe Biden’s wrongdoing. Mr. Zeldin obliterated the claim.

Lee Zeldin would have saved New York. Instead, New York got Kathy Hochul. In the podcast below, Lee Zeldin mentions that she was a clerk who ran on not giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Then she saw she had more of a future by doing and saying the opposite, so she did a 180.

Mr. Zeldin mentioned that when “Alvin Bragg indicted Donald Trump, many Republicans realized, ‘Hey, they’re not just going after him, they’re going after all of us.’ That’s when the Primary was locked up.”

He also thinks it’s too late to get a different candidate and that Joe Biden will likely be the candidate.

The segment below with Sid Rosenberg focused on the “zero evidence” mantra.

There Is No Evidence

Sid began by saying that he opened up Instagram and saw Lee Zeldin’s comment on the issue. He thought it was great and brought Lee on to address the media’s and politician’s line that there is “zero evidence” of Joe Biden’s guilt.

Sid said, “When I …opened Instagram, I saw this, it was brilliant, OK? He [Zeldin] goes, ‘There is zero evidence of wrongdoing talking about the Biden’s other than text emails, WhatsApp messages, whistleblower testimony, Hunter laptop, Biden video to Shokin, bank records, government documents, phone calls, business meetings, statements of former partners and clients, Hunter’s own words.’”

Mr. Zeldin said, “Well, listen, the fact that the left is really willing to die on this sword of claiming that there is no evidence is something that really should give congressional Republicans encouragement and confidence that they can win this debate. They can win this process …they will win the legitimacy of it as long as they lean into it…

“They’re issuing their subpoenas for Hunter Biden and Jim Biden and Amos Hochstein, and Victoria Nuland…

“Democrats are willing to fall on the sword saying that there’s no evidence. Congressional Republicans have an abundance of evidence now…

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., raises his hand during a mock swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
Sid said he doesn’t care about Hunter’s drugs, the guns, girls – he wants to hear about his father and his uncle.

Lee responded. “Well, the original plea agreement that blew up when questioned by the federal judge was an underlying tax charge that was launched regarding funding that came into Hunter Biden, and when the left says that there is no evidence — some have started to evolve saying that there’s no direct evidence — the reality is as you pointed out — there is a direct connection to be able to tie all of the different dots and conclude that the Biden family was profiting into the millions and 10s of millions off of access to Joe Biden.

“Now Daniel Goldman wants to say that there isn’t access. It’s an illusion of access, an illusion of access, where you’re claiming that you can access Joe Biden and the government, but you can’t actually do it. Actual access is when you’re at the meeting claiming that you have access to, like, ‘Hey, hold on a second, let me show you, and pick up the phone and call the vice president of the United States, get the vice president on the phone while you’re doing your business pitch, trying to get millions of dollars,’ And then you want to convince us to all you’re doing is talking about the weather?'”

Lee continued. “When Joe Biden is having dinner at a cafe now with people sending Hunter Biden millions of dollars…when Hunter is sending a message to the Chinese talking about how his father is sitting there right next to him, and putting that type of pressure to get massive sums of money… when you have Hunter complaining about all the money that he has to spend… it’s all documented… it’s Hunter’s own words.

“When you have a guy like Joe Biden who spends decades in politics and having this lifestyle with a big beautiful house and living like you know you’ve been…the average American is able to connect these dots easily.

Lee says the gun charge is part of the cover-up.

“Yeah, so if the government wants to just go after a gun charge, a lot of people realize you know what this is… this is a cover-up, and clearly you’re not getting to the heart of what we all understand there to be, and his family profited big time and that Joe Biden claiming that he had nothing to do with it is just horsesh**.”

The abbreviated clip:
Click on the Full Lee Zeldin podcast of about 20 minutes.



  1. The Democrats in the Senate will not vote to convict Biden…but their votes will be on record, and the voters, who can see plainly that the Bidens are a family racketeering and extortion organization, will remember!

  2. Zeldin put the hammer to that “Zero evidence” BS, by citing numerous, specific examples of compelling evidence. NYS would have been a whole lot better of with Lee as our governor.


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