Liberty Safe’s Scared Now That They’re the Bud-Light of Safes


Arkansas man Nathan Hughes, a friend of the Hodge Twins, was at January 6. That seemed to be the impetus for the misnamed Liberty Safe Inc. to give the FBI the code to his gun safe.

On August 30, 2023, the FBI raided the owner of the safe, Arkansas man Nathan Hughes who is a friend of the the Hodge Twins.

The FBI accessed his safe and allegedly turned off his security cameras while holding his girlfriend at gun point.

In a statement, Liberty Safe confirmed they gave the FBI Hughes’ code.

“Liberty Safe was contacted by the FBI requesting the access code to the safe of an individual for whom they had a warrant to search their property…. Liberty Safe is devoted to protecting the personal property and 2nd amendment rights of our customers…”

They are protecting nothing.

Watch as they roll into his driveway to confiscate his gun. They send carloads of armed guards to the homes of Republicans and Conservatives.


The gun safe manufacturer Liberty Safe is scared. There was a lot backlash for giving the access code to the safe to the FBI. They said its customers will now be be able to have the records of their safe combinations “expunged.”

Liberty Safe customers will be able to fill out a form to have records of their safe access codes deleted, meaning they can “take control of how their information is stored and protected,” the manufacturer said Wednesday evening.

Earlier on Wednesday, Liberty Safe had said the FBI requested the access code to a safe on August 30, which it gave after seeing proof of a warrant.

The safe belongs to 34-year-old Nathan Hughes. He has been charged with felony civil disorder and several misdemeanors relating to the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. They’ll probably put him away for years for disorderly conduct. The FBI can find everyone who attended J6, but not criminals. In fact, they cheered on Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They were “just and idea.”

Liberty Safe should change their name to Friends of the FBI Safe Co.

Do you notice how broad these warrants are these days? What’s the point of a warrant if they are written so broadly and vaguely?



  1. Liberty is toast but the problem is not that the company provided a digital entry to the safe, it is that people are gullible enough to believe that anything electronic is secure. A dial combination lock on a plate steel door is secure. You set the combination and no one else in the world knows it. Mosler has proven the viability of the system for more than 100 years.

  2. So, before the FBI even raided the house, it already knew that the guy had a gun safe, and exactly what brand it was. Did Hughes even bring a gun to DC? AFAIK, the only people there who had guns were LEOs. Maybe some shady drug dealers, too, but you can bet they weren’t hanging out around Capitol Hill that day.

  3. All lies and BS, they NEVER should have had that info to begin with!
    Then again, the safe owner, how hard is it to change the combo on the thing? WHY would you use a default combo or one that you KNOW someone else knows it too?

    Angry employee or EX employee, wants to get even with the company, takes that file with ALL those safe owners, their combo’s and puts it on the black market.

    Now what?

    Id recommend that everyone who has one of these, change your combo if you are able to ASAP. or get a different lock /safe system.

    • The safes we used for classified materials had combinations that could be changed, and in fact, the combos were required to be changed every so often. I also have a Liberty safe (unfortunately), and I’ve looked. There doesn’t appear to be a way for the owner to change the combo on a mechanical (dial) lock. Their website says both mechanical and electronic lock combos can be changed, but only electronic locks can be changed by the owner. Mechanical locks require a locksmith.

  4. The SS had a warrant so there was nothing for Liberty Safe to do. The JBTs have already shown that defying them is a very bad mistake.

    • That warrant had NOTHING to do with Liberty Safes. They might have lost, but they should have made the feds get a warrant for the combo or make the Feds sue for it. That’s the right thing to do. Especially knowing the FBI is corrupt.

  5. Actions have consequences.
    My understanding is the code provided to the FBI will open EVERY safe made by Liberty. If the FBI has the code, thousands of criminals will have it by now. No Liberty brand safe is a safe anymore.

    • Hmm. Liberty probably intended the code as a backstop in case the customer should forget his code. Maybe a good idea but it has clearly backfired. Rather than bitch about what was, let’s work to prevent further such incidents. Liberty should devise a way to remove the code and put it out there. And future products should be made without back doors.

      • still does not justify it. Ok so we will sell you a safe but WE have a backdoor in no matter what. No matter what??? How SAFE is that safe? It’s NOT. Any number of things could cause those codes to get out.

        Why do YOU need a backdoor into MY safe to begin with?
        what if I know a drug store has one of those with it’s narcotics in it, then hold an employee of LibSafe at gunpoint, tell me the code or I kill your family while you watch. Trust me, that employee WILL give up that code to protect their family! Most anyone would! So now I have the code to get into anyones safe. How long before the ‘fix’ gets out, if it’s a hard coded backdoor, that fix is company intervention, taking MONTHS to happen. While the thief and god only knows how many others now since he probably sold that code since it’s a ‘proven crack’.

        Liberty Safes needs to go bye bye.
        Were FBI we need this combo. Ok fine, that’s your problem. We have a warrant, NOT against ME, you get a warrant with ME to force ME to give you that code then we’ll chat until, good bye.

        If they didn’t betray the trust of their customers by having such a TERRIBLE IDEA as a backdoor to begin with, they’d not be in this situation.

        Time to start making these idiot companies PAY DEARLY. Put them out of business.

    • If that was the case why would Liberty safe say. “Customers will now be be able to have the records of their safe combinations “expunged.”  Meaning they can “take control of how their information is stored and protected,” Sounds to me like you could store your pass code with them in the event you could not remember it.

  6. Unlike online email accounts, or any site that stores your password (if you let them)
    Why in the world would A Safe company keep their clients password?
    Why would you allow them too?
    If this guy allowed them to keep his safe code then he got what he deserved, and I don’t give a sh!t what you say, …………. period.

  7. We can simply refuse to ever buy liberty safes. their profits will disappear, their stock price will approach zero, they can then be bought for pennies on the dollar and management fired. Records can be burned or lost.

    • Nice thought. However, who will buy them? Gates? Bezos? Zuckerberg? If anyone like that buys them, where do you think the records will go?

  8. Who is the spineless Sheriff in this county that allowed this to happen? ….. Certainly a ‘no balls’ Sheriff who would NOT challenge such a flimsy warrant. Probably has the color ‘FBI brown’ on his nose, assisting criminals from D.C. to harass HIS law biding citizens. Vote him OUT.

  9. Liberty Safe did not receive a warrant for the code. They were not obligated to provide the code. Plus, the warrant itself showed no basis for getting into the safe.


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