Life Doesn’t Have to Be Happy or Meaningful


We can’t understand why the World Economic Forum deleted the articles below.

If psychologists say life doesn’t have to be happy or meaningful, why would I doubt them? They say owning nothing and having no privacy is a great idea. There goes the American dream, so we can turn everything over to the elites.



  1. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
    Look around. We are in too thick with self gratiation. There is no chance the elite will get past the defensive line of Missy Yogapants and Bob the mortgaged plumber.
    It would be game over for those plans.
    Just remind your friends not to go to the arena for processing.

  2. Well reported.
    In their minds it is all Pablum for the masses who deserve nothing.
    They just need to be sure we serfs know I lace in “their” world.


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