Lin Wood Adamantly Denies Turning on Trump + 18 Others


Prominent attorney Lin Wood, who came out as an enthusiastic Trump supporter, is accused of turning on Donald Trump. Court documents show he will testify for Fani Willis against Donald Trump and 18 other co-defendants.

According to Rolling Stone, Wood switched allegiance from ally to witness against him in a RICO case. They say it will have a significant influence.

Wood told Rolling Stone he was “going to be subpoenaed as a witness,” though he didn’t elaborate initially.

The specifics of Wood’s involvement and his new role as a witness were unveiled in a court document filed by Willis. The document, which highlights potential conflicts of interest concerning attorneys in the case, explicitly names Wood, underscoring his newfound position as a witness for the prosecution.

Wood went to court after the 2020 election, claiming election fraud, as he staunchly defended Donald Trump. Most of his cases were dismissed in court.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Wood said he had been informed he was “going to be subpoenaed as a witness” but had no other information.

Hours later, Wood wrote on Telegram that there is “NO TRUTH” to accusations that he “flipped” on the former president. “I have no idea why I am being asked to testify at the trial. I have had no discussions with the DA’s office since I testified before the special grand jury several months ago,” he added.

Wood also wrote on Telegram:

I cannot stop the FAKE media efforts to smear and destroy me. I can only respond with TRUTH.

The media campaign and lawfare takes a toll on an individual, but I am still standing.

I give ALL the praise and ALL the glory to Jesus Christ.

Enduring the relentless persecution is not fun but I know I am being persecuted for His name’s sake.

So I press on.

God bless you.

Lin ❤️

He’s still using the hashtag Fix2020.

Trump and his co-defendants have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. Rolling Stone reported on Wednesday that the growing pile of legal troubles faced by the former president has him raising concerns to his attorneys that he may actually end up in prison.

How do they know? However, prison is a real possibility. That is the goal of the dirty cops.



  1. Wood is considered an oddball who is not fit to be a witness in anything. The rolling stone is junk. Here we have another story of someone “flipping” against Trump. Wood was not in Trump’s circle to know anything going on relevant to the case.


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