London: Bloody Baby Effigy & Chants of “Slaughter the Jews”


According to the Daily Mail, the Metropolitan Police have been accused of allowing central London to become a no-go zone for Jews. Since the genocidal attack on Israel, thousands of people marched in support of Palestine, with some seen carrying effigies of dead babies, chanting “Globalize the Intifada.”

Yesterday was the third consecutive week that the capital has been consumed by these Middle East protests with some shocking incidents.

Police only made nine arrests, and a number were linked to hate crimes. One of the women marching through London Sunday held an effigy of a dead baby and shouted, “Slaughter the Jews.”

This is prevalent in most European countries.

The media is not telling Americans what’s going on in this country or Europe as millions of anonymous people pour into America, transforming it forever. The same people who were destroying Europe will destroy us.

New York, like many US cities, is becoming a no-go zone for Americans when these people march. They’ve been empowered. No one will send them home, and many need to go. They don’t belong here.

As for Queers for Palestine:



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