Loud Explosion in DC, Maryland, Virginia – No Threat – Updates


Update: A small plane flew over DC, even the White House, and then crashed in rural Virginia.

ABC News reports that fighter pilots believe the pilot was passed out in the cockpit.

A flight tracking website shows the craft had made it to its initial destination, Long Island MacArthur Airport in New York, but appears not to have landed — instead heading back toward the D.C. area. A fourth source said that the White House and U.S. Capitol were put on high alert but not “red alert,” which would have triggered an evacuation.

We can’t believe anything this administrationg reports. We’ll wait and see

Update: If this is it, it’s probably just a sonic boom.


There was a loud explosion in DC. Does anyone know what it was? It shook the ground, and people compared it to an earthquake. DHS says there is no threat.

People on social media claim there were reports of explosions in Virginia and Maryland.

Dozens of people reported hearing a loud ‘explosion’ in the Washington D.C. area that shook houses and caused panic – though officials have not provided the cause of the loud bang.

Around 3:15 pm Sunday, social media users reported hearing a huge ‘bang’ in the city.

That led to a flood of social media posts and speculation on the source, though none of it has been confirmed. Some suspected a sonic boom, while others suggested an earthquake. It wasn’t an earthquake.

People are now saying it was a sonic boom.




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