Lula Limits Guns: “We will keep on fighting for a disarmed country


Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Friday signed a decree limiting access to guns as part of the “Security Action Program.”  He says he “will keep on fighting for a disarmed country.”

While Lula claims it’s to curb violence, it is coincidentally what every communist does when he’s taking over a nation. Leaving the people with no weapons to fight puts them at an extreme disadvantage. Maduro did it, Castro did it, Hitler, Mao, they all did it. I would be very concerned as a Brazilian. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have tried to take our guns. Democrats have talked about taking our guns for decades. Just think about it.

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The decree on the “responsible control of guns” brings down from 4 to 2 the number of guns and their ammunition for personal defense purposes. It also requires permit applicants to demonstrate the effective need to acquire guns. It also reduces from 30 to 6 the number of guns for hunters, sport shooters, and collectors, in addition to limiting the operating hours of shooting clubs, which must also be at least one kilometer away from schools.


The president intends to reverse the proliferation of guns among civilians, which advanced during the Bolsonaro administration (2019-2022).

According to the NGO Instituto Sou da Paz, in July last year hunters, sport shooters, and collectors had more than one million guns, almost three times as many as the 350,000 registered in December 2018, a month before Bolsonaro took office. “The decree represents one more step to resume parameters of responsibility and legal certainty in gun control in Brazil,” the NGO said Friday, in a joint note with the public security institute Igarapé.

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We will keep on fighting for a disarmed country. Who should be well equipped with guns is the Brazilian police and the federal armed forces,” Lula said.

Lula with Barack Obama. Lula was backed by Joe Biden who interfered in their election.
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Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has signed a decree tightening restrictions on civilian access to guns in Brazil, in a move aimed at reversing the pro-firearms policies of his right-wing predecessor Jair Bolsonaro, reported

The decree reduces the number of guns civilians can possess for personal safety from four to two, reduces the allowed ammunition for each gun from 200 rounds to 50 and requires documentation proving the need to hold the weapons, reported AP.

It also bars civilians from owning 9 mm pistols, restricting them to members of the police and military.

“It’s one thing for the regular citizen to have a gun at home for his protection, as a guarantee, because some people think this is safety. Let them have it. But we cannot allow gun arsenals to be in the people’s hands,” Lula said Friday during a signing ceremony.

“We will keep on fighting for a disarmed country. Who should be well equipped with guns is the Brazilian police and the federal armed forces,” Lula said.

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The 9mm handgun will no longer be accessible to civilians.

New rules close a loophole that let many gun owners go out in public with loaded weapons, if they claimed to be going to a gun club.

The decree also lays groundwork for a buyback program starting this year for new gun owners in the previous administration.

Lula also passed responsibility for civilian weapons control from the army to the federal police.

The army was criticized for weak oversight and poor information-sharing with law enforcement agencies.

The camel’s nose is under the tent. At the same time, they have banned Mr. Bolsinaro from running for office.



  1. The apparent extremely low quality of the typical Brazilian makes disarming that low-life mob of hooligans a possible requirement in what is likely a feeble attempt at attaining civility in a diverse and multicultural society.

    Countries with monocultures tend to be more civil and law-abiding. Countries with larger portions of sub-Saharan Africa genes mixed into the populace repeatedly show higher levels of barbarism.

    For Brazil to become a semi-peaceful place to dwell, I fear the cesspool will have to become a fascist police state with prodigious use of the gallows to weed out the filth and vermin. A revamping of the socioeconomic hierarchy will also be required to end the extreme poverty prevalent now.

  2. We use to make fun of countries like this banning guns for personal protection. We would say, see, look at the communist dictators. Now we are becoming them.


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