Maduro Commission Probes Trump for “Crimes Against Humanity”


Socialist lawmakers of the socialist regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro announced on Thursday they have opened a criminal case against former American President Donald Trump on charges of “crimes against humanity.”

For those who are unaware, Maduro is a hardened communist, as are Democratic Socialists and most Socialists. The word ‘socialist’ has become a euphemism for communism.

Lula has banned Jair Bolsonaro from running for President in Brazil, Maduro has banned Maria Corina Machado, Biden is working on banning Trump. Communists are busy. Eye on the ball.

~ Ibrahim Reyes

He began an investigation to determine if Trump incurred “criminal responsibility” by imposing sanctions on Maduro during his tenure, a move intended to punish the regime for its litany of human rights atrocities against Venezuelans.

We know how that will turn out.

The person overseeing the commission is Pedro Infante, Maduro’s main man.  They think they have enough evidence. Maduro says Trump confessed when Trump said the following:

“When I left, Venezuela was ready to collapse; we would’ve taken it over and would’ve gotten all that oil,” Trump said. “But now we’re buying oil from Venezuela; so we’re making a dictator very rich.”

For his part, Dictator Maduro is trying to destroy the United States. He is clearing out prisons and paying people to invade the United States. Maduro is likely sending his armed foot soldiers into the United States.

Maduro probably won’t convince the people who escaped the hellhole he created in their native land.

Have to agree with Sen. Scott here:




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