Marc Elias Firm Sues to Make Absentee Balloting a “Right”


On Thursday, July 20, Priorities USA, the Wisconsin Alliance for [alleged] Retired Americans, and a voter filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission challenging three separate rules regulating absentee voting procedures in Wisconsin.

They want to eliminate three rules in Wisconsin, claiming it disadvantages retirees and defines absentee voting as a privilege instead of a right.

They want to get rid of the absentee ballot witness requirement. The absentee ballot has to include a witness certificate with an address. The voter must sign in front of the witness. Democrats think this is a burden and violates their privacy.

[The witness could turn his/her head if privacy is such an issue. This is an attempt to abandon voter ID altogether].

Secondly, they’re pushing for drop boxes, claiming they’re secure.

Third, they want the deadline erased. They do not want an “Election Day” for absentee ballots. It reduces “cure opportunities.” In other words, they want more time to “fix defective ballots.”

Finally, the Left wants to make absentee balloting a right. Currently, every state limits it to people who have special needs. [The main reason it’s limited is because it basically destroys voter ID.]

“Under the guise of an untenable distinction between the ‘right’ to vote and the ‘privilege’ of absentee voting, the Wisconsin Legislature has erected unjustifiable barriers to the franchise for the elderly, people with disabilities, and other individuals who vote absentee,” the lawsuit states.

The plaintiffs argue that all three absentee voting rules violate the Wisconsin Constitution and ask the court to deem them invalid.

You see where they’re going with this, don’t you?

Guess who is behind it. You got it, Marc Elias, the Hillary attorney who does all he can to loosen the voting requirements so non-eligible voters can vote. Another law group is also involved, with the two far-left groups on behalf of one retiree.

The information came from Democracy Docket dot com. Read the complaint here: 2023-07-20-complaint2023-07-20-complaint

As an aside, France dropped all mail-in voting due to extensive corruption, and Democrats want it.

Even Bill Barr knows it’s corrupt:



  1. OK but put serial numbers linked to registered voters on every damn ballot. You can’t fake serial numbers on a Zerox copier.


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