Marion County Police [Stasi] Are Responsible for the Death of a 98- Year-Old Woman


Law enforcement officers in Kansas raided the home and office of a newspaper owner, prompting a sharp rebuke from a press freedom group and raising constitutional questions far beyond the small city in the state.

The paper’s co-owner and publisher, Eric Meyer, believes Friday’s raid in Marion – about 60 miles north of Wichita – was prompted by a story published Wednesday about a local business owner, while authorities countered they are investigating what they called “identity theft” in a search warrant.

The warrant also specifically targeted ownership of computers and devices or internet service accounts used to “participate in the identify theft of Kari Newell,” he added

The warrant was ridiculously broad. They grabbed everything, and they went to the home of the editor’s mother, and had her so terrified, she had a heart attack the next day and died. Watch the video clip below.

Judges, prosecutors, and some law-enforcement are totally out of control. The editor’s mother had nothing to do with the paper. She was an innocent elderly woman. They terrorized this 98 year old woman.

This is not how you treat journalists. I hope he sues them into bankruptcy.

As the editor said, this is pure Gestapo tactics. It is what they do in communist and fascist nations.

This seems to be involving a woman who thinks her husband let the paper know that she had a DUI in 2008. That’s it. Actually, her DUI is public knowledge.



  1. KJI (Kansas Justice Institute) issues a statement.

    “The Marion Police Department believes they’re justified in raiding a newspaper’s office and the publisher’s home. The public should decide for themselves whether the police were justified— and the only way they can do that is by reading the affidavits the police submitted to the judge,” MacRoberts said. 

    “What was the legal basis for the search? What was the alleged probable cause? Were the affidavits based on secondhand information? Did the police conduct a thorough investigation before applying for the warrants? The answers should be in those affidavits—they should be released, and they should be released today. The public has a right to know what’s in them,” MacRoberts continued.
    “The fact the police raided a newsroom, of all places, highlights the need for government transparency and accountability in the search warrant process,” MacRoberts said.

  2. Kansas is a total mess. One county has eliminated public comment part of meetings posted online. That same county is attempting to ‘quarantine’ emails etc. if they are considered “redundant” and also includes “hate speech” and “threats of legal action”. The County Manager has, at her discretion, to block divert or quarantine emails, phone calls or text messages.

    The above county has voted to authorize a 3600 acre solar panel farm just outside the city, even though hail damage can be of major concern.

    A Commerce Department official created a company and within a couple weeks attained a consultant contract that mirrored his government job at the Department. The contract was awarded on May 16 but he didn’t leave state employ until June 2.

    So, when Republicans speak of returning to the states that likely will not solve any problems whatsoever. Corruption is rampant at the state and county level. Maybe even more so.

    • I’ve been telling people for two decades the USA is a Fascist Nation! I was self employed for years. It was an education about Fascism.

  3. Oh I see,
    “Freedom of the Press”
    is only a slogan, but doesn’t mean a damn
    thing even in Smallville, USA when village officials and
    local bigshots are exposed


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