Mark Levin Rages Against Matt Gaetz – Gets Fact-Checked


On Monday, Rep. Matt Gaetz filed a motion to vacate the speakership for several reasons, but most recently, McCarthy made a separate deal with Democrats and lied to Republicans.

Most talking heads on TV support Kevin McCarthy, mostly because we could get a lot worse and don’t have the numbers to get someone conservative in place.

In a lengthy statement, Levin accused Gaetz of “plotting and scheming with the radical Democrats” to remove McCarthy.

“Yes, that is correct. The guy who says McCarthy is the Democrats’ speaker is plotting and scheming with the radical Democrats to take out a Republican speaker who is more conservative than he is (McCarthy backed the Freedom Caucus CR and the cuts and border security, which Gaetz and 4 others killed),” Levin noted.

Levin also noted the ongoing ethics investigation that could potentially lead to Gaetz’s expulsion from the House.

“There are now numerous reports that Gaetz is doing this not because he insists that McCarthy interfered with an ethics investigation of him, which a speaker cannot do and has never done,” Levin added. “I might add that after two years, it’s about time the Ethics Committee release its report and either lift the cloud over Gaetz or clear him. Gaetz should demand this as well.”

Mark Levin said that McCarthy is more conservative than Matt Gaetz. Heritage gives McCarthy a 78% score with a lifetime score of 53%.  They give Matt Gaetz 84% with a 90% lifetime score. The American Conservative Union gave him a score of 89%, while they gave McCarthy 86%. Freedom Works gives Mr. Gaetz 86.8% and 80% this session. They gave McCarthy 70.1% and a score this session of 80%. Conservative Review gave Gaetz 84% and McCarthy 54%.


Some people are raging over his stance on the war, but on this issue, some have fact-checked him.

Levin claims Rep. Gaetz and his allies sabotaged a good deal.



  1. Mark has joined the Faux smear crowd. I quit Faux, Levin and Hannity many years ago. It was the only reason I kept Dish Network as long as I did. They are paid (very well, I might add) opposition. Sad ending to a once trusted network, Faux. Joined CNN now….

  2. I was done with Mark after the last “election”. He is all talk and zero action. Why isn’t he helping Judicial Watch or similar group?

    I think Rush would be very, very disappointed in him. The “Great One” has fallen.

    • Maybe Rush would have been disappointed. I listened to Rush for years and still have nearly two decades of his podcasts on my computer.

      Do you remember Rush saying he was “America’s Truth Detector?”

      When the scam-demic started I was surprised when “America’s Truth Detector” would not and did not tell the truth about the masks. His comment was, “I’m not going to tell anyone whether they should wear a mask or not” (paraphrasing)

      I believe Rush did a great service for America, He defined conservatism. He helped the creator of this site to realize she was a conservative and not a lefty.

      As I learned more I found it interesting the way he talked about the Bush family, almost with reverence. I couldn’t help but wonder if he new more than he was telling or worse yet, I wondered if he feared them? Just wondering.

      I suspect I never would have wondered had he not made that comment so many times about detecting truth. I do miss him.

  3. I’m a fan of Mark’s but I must say that I find him to be highly compromised. He still appears on the totally-discredited (and disliked by true conservatives) Fox News, and in fact, has ADDED a program on Saturdays now! Also he says he doesn’t write ( and aggressively peddle) his books for himself, no, “I write them for you” he says. OK Mark – then why don’t you donate all of your latest book earnings to your favorite charity or conservative cause and buy some credibility. Staying on Fux discredits you

  4. They are both Republicans, members of the Party of stupid. Reason enough to get rid of both of them put them in cells with the Party of Evil members.

    • Those of us on the Right simply want to restore the government to its Constitutional role. You on the Left are simply evil. There is no other word for it.

  5. Most talking heads on TV support Kevin McCarthy, mostly because we could get a lot worse…” LOL! That’s not why, at all! The “talking heads” are either Globalist shills (FNC) or Democrat propagandists (the rest of the MSM). They LIKE a weak Speaker who will prevent any TRULY Conservative/America First victories. THAT’S why they support McCarthy.

    • I was a big fan of Levin at one point, but he has shown his true colors time and time again as someone who wants the status quo, of dem vs rep. I would say the pre -Trump dynamic.

  6. The comments on this page are right on! Levin is a NEOCON. He supports the war in Ukraine and lies about Putin and Russia along with other NEOCONS. Also he does not like MAGA Trump supporters. He is on record stating that MAGA Trump supporters are “schizophrenic.” Although he uses the word as an adjective the word schizophrenic relates to schizophrenia. Defined by Oxford
    a serious mental condition of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

    Schizophrenia usually involves delusions (false beliefs), hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that don’t exist), unusual physical behavior, and disorganized thinking and speech. It is common for people with schizophrenia to have paranoid thoughts or hear voices.

    Levin is one of the smartest people on the planet according to Hannity. Hannity refers to him as “The Great One” now for arguments sake he has to know the definition of schizophrenia.

    Frankly, I’m not surprised the RINOs are attempting to take Gaetz out. Over decades I have heard a lot that it could get worse. It became worse when politicians like McCarthy stayed in power as well. So what’s the difference?

    We fought wars in other countries with the premise to get rid of Communism. But we didn’t fight it at home after WWII. We pay the price now! But hopefully not! When your enemy has no rules in the fight and you do, it increases your chances of losing. We play by the “rules” but our enemies do not!

    • Thank you. Anyone who pays attention and has a memory knows Levin hates the America First ideal. He has said it lots in different ways. In one rant on his show he said MAGA is unConstitutional, and it helps China/Russia. That is gaslighting, in other words, lying. The man is a greedy tool.

      • I’m glad others are finally stating this. Hannity is no different and I’ve been villified on numerous message boards because I state the obvious. Hannity Levin Gowdy and the rest of Fox news are all shills for the globalist uniparty. That should have been apparent in Trump’s first two years when Gowdy and Ryan stymied everything Trump tried to do. They had both the House and the Senate and couldn’t bring legislation to fulfill the promises they themselves made to voters to get reelected. Now we have Jordan Scalise Comer McCaul and McConnells little gang doing the same. These people have zero interest in doing what’s best for the Republic they want to destroy it. It may be too late to change the course this country is headed but we damn sure better try for future generations. That means voting these establishment globalists out of office and sending a message we are done sitting back while they destroy our country and everything we hold dear. The ballot box may not work to right the ship and then it’s a matter of choice. Are you ready to sacrifice for your country or will you roll over and let these evil people have their way? Like it or not there’s a point where people will have to choose which side they are on. I know where I stand and I will not let them roll over me and mine without a fight.

  7. This article is hysterical. Levin, likely the most conservative talk show host out there, provides excellent rationale and still your rage clouds any chance you’ll actually absorb what key points he making. Damn, we are in trouble for sure!

  8. If Gaetz gets McCarthy ousted then the House has to elect another speaker, which means there is a chance to have another lying, cheating, crooked DemocRAT to be elected. I don’t care much for McCarthy but I certainly do not want a DemocRAT in that position like we had with that lying old bytch Nasty Pelosil

    • The Republican Party’s priority is to retain their business, to control the outcomes, and this has nothing to do with winning elections. The RNC would rather lose elections and retain power than win elections and lose operational control over the apparatus.

        • To add:

          Republicans don’t want to do anything for “We The People”. When Trump was elected the RINOs had control of House and Senate and did nothing to support MAGA Agenda. In fact they “literally” back stabbed WTP!

    • then the republicans better unite – if they can’t they’re a dead party of white haired old men too old and tired to do the job (I’ve put John Carter and Joni Ernst in office_ I’ve kept Texans in office Gaetz is right The change has to be forced – this is the only way the old men using the system to help them will

      • Ernst and other former military can’t vote according to the constitution above 65%. Our little weasel Zach Nunn is setting at 50%. These are former military who took an oath to uphold the constitution. Miller Meeks isn’t any better. They ride their military service into office then turn their back on the oath they’ve taken at least twice in their lifetimes. I’ll not vote for any incumbent republican in Iowa again. Bout as well vote for a democrat and let the games begin because these republicans are no better.

    • McCarthy is EXACTLY the same as the Democrats you worry about! LOL! If he gets ousted, there’s a chance we MIGHT get a decent Speaker. It literally can’t get worse because he’s one of them.

  9. I concluded some time ago that Levin is just another grifter. He started out as a hard line against Trump but when Trump had overwhelming support he was with Trump. This seems typical vacillation on his part. In order to keep selling books or other ventures he follows the crowd, and that crowd seems mostly RINO’s and CINO’s.

    • Those are fine observations. Levin is inconsistent. Most of his fans are Trump supporters but he smeared Trump throughout 2016. I do not see how his fans can tolerate him, and consider him a genius, after his incredible mistake in 2016. Levin takes positions in a situational way for his career benefit.

      McCarthy has a long history of supporting leftist spending bill (twice this year) and Gaetz has a long history of opposing leftist spending bills. Anyone claiming McCarthy is more conservative is just a plain liar.

      • Hannity and Gowdy are no better but there are a lot of people who think they are conservatives. Maybe conservative democrats like my grandfather’s Democrat party.

  10. As I have insisted many times, Levin is a RINO sophist who is always there when the corrupt establishment needs him. His arguments are always disjointed. He is always wrong on the big concrete issues.

    Oh sure, Levin tells us that corrupt DC is bad, but when it comes to fighting it, he gets angry against the fighters.

    Levin is a liar, for money.


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