Report: Mark Meadows Flips, DOJ Ready to Charge Trump with Obstruction & Espionage


Even as Joe Biden appears to have committed treason, all that matters to the dirty cops in the DOJ is Donald Trump and J6. According to multiple reports, including The Independent UK, Jack Smith is ready to charge Donald Trump with obstruction under The Espionage Act. Mark Meadows has allegedly flipped, giving Jack Smith his case. We’re not sure we should believe the rumors from the mainstream media.

Sen. Cruz said earlier this week that the DOJ would charge Donald Trump for obstructing their probe of confidential files he held, although having the files was not a crime and their investigation of it was unwarranted. They won’t charge him for having the files, or they would have to charge Joe Biden.

Reports say Mark Meadows has pled guilty to lesser charges in exchange for immunity.

The Department of Justice is preparing to ask a Washington, DC grand jury to indict former president Donald Trump for violating the Espionage Act and for obstruction of justice as soon as Thursday, adding further weight to the legal baggage facing Mr. Trump as he campaigns for his party’s nomination in next year’s presidential election.

They will claim Mr. Trump violated a portion of the US criminal code known as Section 793. It prohibits “gathering, transmitting or losing” any “information respecting the national defense.”

Using Section 793, which does not refer to classified information, is considered a strategic decision by prosecutors. Allegedly, they want to short-circuit Mr. Trump’s ability to claim that he used his authority as president to declassify documents he removed from the White House. The real reason is they don’t want to charge Joe Biden.

That section of US criminal law is written in a way that could encompass Mr. Trump’s conduct even if he was authorized to possess the information as president.

This could happen as soon as Thursday. That is the day James Comer will move on contempt charges for Christopher Wray in the Biden treason-bribery allegation. However, most reports say it will likely come next week because he has to impanel a grand jury in Florida.

Donald Trump faces ten years in prison.

This is a bogus charge, and it’s timed to distract from the allegations against Joe Biden.



  1. Not a wise idea making Trump into a martyr. Woke liberals are incapable of comprehending the consequences of their actions let alone the myriad unforeseen consequences. Al least 75 million voted for Trump and 80% of them believe the election was stolen and that his supporters have been victimized and the country led to ruin. You can debate that all you wish but the reality is that 50 million plus  is a formidable force that has coalesced around several central figures with most of them armed. Keep pushing the provocations and sometime very soon a spark is going to ignite a flame that cannot be put out until the wore are annihilated and confined to mental institutions where they can receive the help their mentally disturbed minds desperately require.

  2. We have heard stories of people flipping against Trump for 6 years. It never happens. (Cohen was never on Trump’s side and he flipped with nothing, so I do not count him.) Meadows is a great actor if he has flipped on Trump. This is a classic Intel technique, to distribute false reports anonymously through alternating media outlets. But the story comes from the people perpetrating the hoax. (They did that in Russiagate too, to give the appearance of criminality from multiple sources.) There is nothing to flip on. The use of the term flip gives the appearance of organized crime with syndicate people such as Joe Valachi. The usage is propagandistic.

  3. Imagine the pressures put on Mark Meadows to lie. This is more evidence that what now exists is a “Reign of Terror.”

    • Many have resisted that pressure and so will Meadows. Lying entails risk. The reign of terror underway is a more modern version of what Mao, Stalin and Hitler did, it is just as sinister. The people doing it have much more potential for damage, as in nuclear war, global repression via fake pandemics, food and energy cutoffs, global organized propaganda, …


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