Mass. Gov. Asks Residents to House Unvetted Migrants


There’s opinion in this story.

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey declared a state of emergency over the invasion [my word, not hers]. She also asked residents to house them.

Massachusett’s shelters are reaching capacity as illegal crossers are bussed into the sanctuary state. As a result, Governor Maura Healey is asking residents to help to open their doors to these unvetted strangers. She also is looking for help from the federal government.

The governor of the sanctuary state of Massachusetts said anywhere between 10 to 30 migrant families a day are coming into Massachusetts. There are 40 hotels across the state helping to house them, but the governor is now pleading for help from the federal government and residents.

Texas gets 6,000 to 8,000 a day, and the Biden DOJ ordered Gov. Abbott to end the buoy system and let them continue to pour in.

The government is supposed to protect residents and keep them safe. That is their primary job. They are failing at it to protect people we know nothing about.

Governor Healey says close to 5,600 families are currently housed in the state’s emergency shelter system. That number is 80% higher than one year ago.

It was okay when millions were pouring into the border red states. Texas is now a majority-minority state because there are so many foreigners in the state.

That was the Democrats’ goal.

$45 Million a Month in One State

They are spending $45 million a month in taxpayer dollars to support these strangers.

“Most importantly, if you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family. Housing and shelter is our most pressing need, and become a sponsor family,” said Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll.

“At some point, we also have to have compassion for the people that are here,” said Paul Craney. “If Massachusetts can’t care for the people that are currently here, then why should we bring in more people in the state.”

Many Massachusett residents mostly think this is A-OK. When someone gets raped or murdered, they’ll change their minds but people will have to be hurt first.



    • Little p over there living in luxury and behind walls at the Vatican wants the floodgates kept open allowing illegals to enter our country as well as European countries. Little p also want’s people to open their homes to these trespassers. But like you ask about Governor Driscoll having them stay with her, I ask the same of little p; Hey pope, how many trespassers are staying with you? And why don’t you tear down your walls so they can freely come to the Vatican?

    • The insane psychopaths, believing their own lies and embracing their stupidity, are now calling on the burdened taxpayer, soon to become second class citizens in their own country, to fashion their OWN ‘noose’…

  1. Great idea. Invite them in to share a bedroom with your daughters and impregnate them.Share a room with your sons and have them intimidated or introduced to drugs or gay sex. Let them ogle your wife and hang around the house doing drugs or drinking Modelo all day. What could go wrong.


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