Mayor Johnson Tells Residents to Sacrifice More for Unvetted Migrants


Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago called on city residents to continue to make “sacrifices” to address the thousands of migrants in the city who need shelter.

Why? Why should they have to? Bring them to Martha’s Vineyard.

There are 2,000 alien children attending Chicago schools and they don’t speak English. That takes away from the children who belong in this country. As an educator, Johnson should know that.

The residents are angry that the new arrivals are diluting their political power. Yet Johnson is fine with the influx.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times., 1600 illegal crossers in police stations will be moved to tent cities. They’re all over O’Hare also.

“There is a sacrifice that is going to be required in this moment … The sacrifices that we are prepared to make in order to ensure that this city is not chaotic and it is not riddled with desperate people,” the mayor told the Sun-Times.

Adams also disagrees with New York City Mayor Eric Adams that they will destroy the city.

I’m not going to accept the notion that the city of Chicago is going to be destroyed,” Johnson told the Sun-Times. “We are a city of big shoulders.

“We’ve been through difficult moments and challenges before. And we’re gonna get to the other side of this.”

“These families are coming to the city of Chicago … If we do not create an infrastructure where we’re able to support, and quite frankly, contain these individuals who have experienced a great deal of harm, individuals who are desperate — if we do not provide support for these individuals and these families, that type of desperation will lead to chaos,” Johnson added.

Adams is blaming Gov. Abbott of Texas and former Gov. Ducey of Arizona for busing illegal aliens to New York City but Abbott bussed about 13,500. Gov. Ducey sent about 2,000. Adams claims to have 100,000. The person transporting them is Joe Biden.



  1. The real problem isn’t the black or invaders. It’s the liberal democrats who enact the policies that enable the lawlessness that’s taking place. The Chinese are the greatest threat to the American way of life, followed by the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS.

  2. Its the blacks who are destroying cities, not the poor people coming here.A lot of illegals where I live. I’ve never had a problem with any of them for over 20 years. When I lived in the city, blacks were dangerous and criminal. I was held up at knife point once, had a nice car stolen another time, had people in my neighborhood murdered, all by blacks. That was over 20 years ago. Now the old area is a hellhole thanks to blacks.


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