McCarthy Accused of Using Donors as Proxies to Defeat Trump


Laura Loomer told Steve Bannon that Speaker McCarthy is betraying Donald Trump behind his back. She said that Speaker McCarthy, who hasn’t endorsed Donald Trump, is using his big California donors as proxies to help Ron DeSantis win the nomination.

Miss Loomer said McCarthy couldn’t be straightforward since Donald Trump endorsed him for Speaker. Even with the endorsement, McCarthy barely won.

She gave, as one of several examples, information about a private fundraiser on June 19 at the Harris Ranch in Coalinga, where Ron DeSantis was invited to speak. It was hosted by two of McCarthy’s biggest donors, Coalinga rancher John Harris and Fresno developer Richard F. Spencer.

Spencer and Harris appear to make a habit of defeating pro-Trump candidates up for election. Additionally, Harris has donated to Gavin Newsom. Several of McCarthy’s donors give money to Newsom.

According to her information, Spencer and Harris donate only to whoever McCarthy okays.

Loomer insists McCarthy does much of this back-stabbing through his son, who works for RINO Joe Lonsdale.

Loomer calls McCarthy another Paul Ryan—hardly a worse insult for a GOP.

Finally, Loomer hopes Donald Trump abandons McCarthy, who she sees as a “snake.” Trump still associates with him.


McCarthy was probably the best choice of the candidates who had a chance of winning. However, if true, betraying Donald Trump in such a sleazy way shows very poor character.

To his credit, he is backing impeachments. Most immediately, he’s backing the impeachment of Merrick Garland.

He’s also backing the move to vacate the Trump impeachments.

McCarthy told reporters at the Capitol Friday that he supports Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Representative Elise Stefanik’s (R-NY) resolution to expunge President Donald Trump’s 2019 and 2021 impeachments. “I voted against both impeachments. The second impeachment had no due process,” said Rep. McCarthy.

People should have backed the Constitution, not the unconstitutional, partisan impeachments, no matter what people think of Donald Trump.

McCarthy did not vote for the two impeachments against DJT.

Also of note, McCarthy backed the censure of Adam Schiff.

He’s been outspoken about the Biden family corruption and supported Donald Trump on January 6 events.

Paul Ryan wouldn’t have backed any of that. Ryan is progressive. That being said, if McCarthy is back-stabbing, it does remind one of Paul Ryan.



  1. A hard to believe story would be that McCarthy is not working against Trump. Kevin’s texts show serious opposition to Trump. His actions show the same.

    Trump’s apparent support of McCarthy, Graham and others is the biggest thing which gives me uncertainty on Trump. But the entire party leadership opposes Trump vehemently, so maybe he picked some “allies” for show.

    The DeSantis appearances in California are suspicious. He has met with Newsom. He is hiding these trips with the law he had passed. That law was not passed for fun, there are numerous trips he is hiding. Now we see that Newsom supporters are also McCarthy supporters. Come on folks, these people are making deals.

    McCarthy is similar to Ryan, he was Ryan’s lead sidekick. He is unapologetic about his support of Ryan. Ryan sabotaged the 2018 election. Ryan pushed amnesty many times. Ryan pushed leftist spending bills. Ryan insists Trump kills the party. Come on folks this is not complicated. The GOP is run by corrupt leftists/globalists. MTG, Jordan, Comer, and more, joined with those folks.

  2. Isn’t Loomer the one that loudly declared via ads that Gov. DeSantis was a waycissss for opposing CRT in the public school’s curriculum?

    • Searched for 64 minutes attempting to verify what you indicated about Loomer. Couldn’t find anything to verify your comment about CRT and DeSantis.

      Would you please help me to find the information you indicated about CRT, Loomer and DeSantis?

      Thanks in advance.

      • It’s a propagandist. They show up, gaslight, and are never heard from again. The intention is to distract from the article.

    • No. You are a propagandist. Loomer criticizes DeSantis a lot, and seems to be correct on it all. She claimed before his reelection that he would not follow his pledge to serve his term. She correctly stated he was violating campaign laws by running for president and hiding his records, so he had those laws changed. There are a few other things.

      Loomer opposes CRT.

      You are an embarrassment to yourself.


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