Medical Journals Warn of a “Great & Growing Danger of Nuclear War”


The medical community, part of the Deep State, calls for the destruction of arsenals of nuclear weapons as the threat of nuclear war grows.

How about we stop escalating the war with Russia first?

In response to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s warning that the world is now in “a time of nuclear danger not seen since the height of the Cold War,” the bureaucrats from the health departments are stepping in.

They point to the dangers of nuclear war and accurately describe the catastrophic result for humanity should such a war take place. They seem to realize there is no such thing as a limited nuclear war.

Their solution is to take three steps: first, adopt a no-first-use policy; second, take the nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert; and third, urge all states and current conflicts to pledge publicly and unequivocally that they will not use nuclear weapons in these conflicts.

They say the danger is great and growing, which is true and they want us to eliminate our nuclear arsenals. That will not happen. We can’t do it alone. What they don’t say is we need to end the war in Ukraine.



  1. Fools that can’t do their own jobs well, like handle Covid, want to tell other in areas in which they have no expertise how to do t heir jobs?
    Are they perhaps Dumbocrats?

  2. Nuclear war is a medical issue – how quaint! Foolish former Army officer that I am, I thought such things were for what used to be called the Department of War.

    • We see lots of this cross talk. A good example is Treasury, with Yellen speaking of global warming, diversity, covid, and other things which have nothing to do with Treasury.

      This is another indication of the NWO conspiracy. They are coalescing.They have a united strategy.


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