Meet the People Who Will Run the Country If Joe Biden Wins


Politico Magazine has an enlightening article about who will run the country when Joe Biden wins in 2024 after Democrats influence the election.

Obama met with “next-generation House Democrats” and a range of lawmakers. Included in the meetings are progressives like Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.), as well as barely more moderate lawmakers, such as Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) and Haley Stevens (D-Mich.).

Obama designed the meetings. I imagine he does this sort of thing all the time. Politico claims Obama hasn’t played the role of party power broker since leaving office.

Months after Biden took office, Jen Psaki said that Biden and Obama were in contact several times a week.

The article claims that Obama was careful not to step on Biden’s ego. Does Biden even know what’s going on?

Progressive Gov. Josh Shapiro and Progressive Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries were also present.

Progressives are hardcore leftists.

Barack Obama working behind the scenes.

No one believes Joe Biden is going to run the country in 2024. He can’t run it now.

We wouldn’t say it’s a conspiracy, but it does sound familiar. Who can forget Molly Ball’s article in 2021? She thought that influencing the election saved it.

Molly Ball’s article in Time: ”The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that saved the 2020 Election,” details a conspiracy by Big Tech, BLM, organized labor and big business, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to defeat Trump’s reelection.

Business, the AFL-CIO, and Black Lives Matter worked together to change voting systems and laws. They banded together to get hundreds of millions of dollars to make voting less secure. They worked with social media to keep the Biden message upfront and bury the Trump message.

The cabal kept the country terrified of widespread violence if the president won re-election. They hid the Hunter scandal. (4.6 percent of people who voted for Biden said in a poll that they would not have done so had the information about Hunter Biden’s corruption not been quashed by the media.)”

They even had religious groups involved.

“The participants see themselves as the protectors of democracy and want their story told,” the author explains.


Initial moves were coordinated by Mike Podhorzer, senior adviser to Richard Trumka, president of the AFl-CIO. He saw in the  COVID-19  reaction an opportunity to bypass normal, more secure election procedures. He worked with Planned Parenthood, Indivisible, and Move On, “progressive data geeks and strategists, representatives of donors and foundations, state-level grassroots organizers, Working Families Party, racial-justice activists and others, to manipulate the election procedures.”

In time, they persuaded Congress to steer COVID relief funds for election administration. It was a feat aided by the Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights.

The $400 million grant proved insufficient for their plan. So, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative dropped ianother $300 million. The National Vote at Home Institute used it to advise secretaries of state on the new, insecure voting procedures. (Chan is the wife of Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook’s chairman, CEO and controlling shareholder).”

There’s more, but you see how serious it was. It’s probably on again.



  1. The election was rigged they just admitted it I knew all along this was a fraud when they stopped the vote counting in the middle of the night I knew then the fix was on. As for The Sniff running things every one knows Odumbo was the man in charge and look what they have done the country is on the brink of collapse .They are scared shitless that Trump may get back in or even worse that Kennedy might win the primary over the Sniff Odumbo will probably have Kennedy killed if it looks too bad for the Sniff

    • I am old enough where this doesn’t make a lot difference to me, but I am still fighting. Each time I see these articles I think of the lives that were given to develop what we have today. I am thinking this may be our last chance and I am all in but what will happen after. The demorats & repuks are basically the same except for the chosen few. I pray for our Republic but still wonder.

  2. We are, for the most part, already being run by the Globalists with the CCP chasing down the loose ends. Are we now a lost nation?

  3. Does anyone honestly believes that Joe Biden got 81 million votes the first time around? Aren’t they going to have to somehow get him an even higher number in 2024 if it is a rematch of 2020 and people were way better off under Trump till the scamdemic hit than we are now under Biden even after the scamdemic? What is it going to take for normies, sheep and blue koolaid drinkers to wake up to reality?

  4. Headline: “Meet the People Who Will Run the Country If Joe Biden Wins”
    Perhaps, rather, “Meet the People Who Will Continue to Run the Country if Joe Biden Wins.”


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