Meet the Super Young Bridge Player Gates Cheated With


A video of the Russian bridge player Mila Antonova in 2010 using a raunchy Mae West quote, “If you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.”

By now, everyone knows about Mila Antonova, the young bridge player with whom Bill Gates allegedly had an affair in 2010.

Jeffrey Epstein found out about this affair and used it as leverage against Bill Gates. Bill Gates began having private meetings with Epstein in 2011, but Epstein didn’t find out about the affair until 2013, so Bill was already friends with him before the blackmail.

A bombshell report by the Wall Street Journal claimed that disgraced financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein used his knowledge of Gates’ alleged affair with Antonova to blackmail the former Microsoft chief.

In one email to colleagues after meeting with Epstein, Gates said: “His lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing, although it would not work for me.” It turns out it did work for Bill, as he even flew on Epstein’s private jet to meet with him. According to Melinda Gates, Gates’s friendship with Epstein played a huge role in their divorce.

There are questions about Antonova’s age. She claims she was in her early 20s in 2010, but there are questions about it. If so, there was about a 30-year age gap.




  1. My Grandma (true) was the Whist and Bridge champion of North Dakota. Before her death she showed me not all, but many, of the signals she and her partner used to communicate with each other. Even if you were a ref, you wouldn’t pick up on it. She insisted it wasn’t cheating, just part of the game.

  2. LOL! Who cares? I hope they finally get Gates for his war on humanity. If this situation helps, GREAT! If not, who cares about what Gates did with her, or about his affairs?

  3. I must note a similarity with another young women Gates had a yearly rendezvous with. The other is a biology scientist. Both are quite thin and girly looking for their age. Both are very small in the upper measurement. Gates is not masculine, has a feminine voice, and may want to be girlfriends with them.

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that Jeffrey Epstein was a Government Asset who entrapped and blackmailed people for the US Government. That’s how much of the Federal Government controls it’s Employees and people who work for the Government. The problem is that Foreign Governments can find out too, so it’s a good idea to hire people with “flexible” relationships, i.e. Swingers. People in Traditional Marriages are much easier to Blackmail. The Government tries not to hire Swingers because people like that are too hard to control. If the the Government realizes that you have an open relationship, it makes the people above you very uncomfortable; especially when it takes them over 25 years to figure it out since a lot of people don’t become full blown Swingers until the kids are out of the house. While the Government hates Religion, it loves the sexual repression of Victorian Values.

  5. She seems nice, and is probably very smart. Why bring up this affair now, and smear this lady’s reputation?

  6. This is another strong indication that IQ is very specific and not a general indicator that good cognition in one area necessarily translates to another area. Gates was good at certain aspects of machine language but in other areas he is closer to actual stupidity. It is also for this reason, Gates should not be trusted for vacines vs disease or dumping tons of aluminum into our atmosphere in order to stop “global warming”. He’s ok with computer programming but his cognition ends there. His lawyer father had similar issues with cognition. Be aware of billionaires with too much time on their slimy hands.

    • I doubt Gates was a machine language whiz. That is just more propaganda his media operation produces. He dropped out of college and never took any computer science. Associates of his back then said he stole and sued for everything he had. Microsoft produced a highly deficient OS, with major flaws.


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